5 Easy Ways to Change the Inner Mind

The great master said “You become what you think about”. What we are right now is the result of the thinking that we have done for a long time & repeated similar thoughts in our mind thousands of times.

This is a simple fact that our thinking shapes our reality. We are creating reality based on our thoughts. Our thoughts are so powerful that they possess the potential to bend reality.

Most people are not even aware that there is an inner mind within us & thoughts are continuously running like river water within it.

They are not even aware of what type of thoughts they are thinking on a daily basis. They have left the boat to run at its own will. There is no direction, there is no destination, there is no clarity, and there is no map with them.

If one wants to change his life then he has to understand the source of change. He has to take the right path so that he can reach the right destination.

Inner mind is the right path that will lead to the life of garden & flowers. Changing the thoughts is the only way to bring changes in life.

Thinking the same thoughts will produce the same results in life. Change is required, change is mandatory for bringing a new change, change has to be worked on, change has to be controlled.

We will look into 5 ways to bring changes in the inner mind & here are they :-

Positive Self Talk

When we look around, we can see everywhere people enjoy talking to each other. Without talking they cannot live.

A person may be anywhere at home, travelling, office, eating, walking, sitting, he wants to keep his mouth talking otherwise things don’t look good. And if no one is around to talk then he starts talking to himself.

If we are so accustomed to talking, why not use it to reshape our mind. Majority of our talks are nothing but wastage of our time & energy.

We are talking because we have a habit of talking that is deeply rooted in our minds. We talk out of sleep & not for necessity.

We can begin with a new series of talking that only talks about the positive side of everything. When you are alone then talk positive affirmations to yourself.

When you are coordinating with someone or talking in a group, focus on talking positively & looking at the positive side of topics that are being discussed.

Repeating affirmations to yourself will begin a new programming for your mind.

This has to be continued until this new program gets implanted in the mind.

This will replace the old program & surely the new program will bring new results & these results will be permanent because we are doing the changes from the very root.

Ask Questions

Our mind thinks about things that are happening on a daily basis. This happens very subtly, we are focused on some thought & it troubles us every now & then.

Thought comes up then we react to it in our mind then the thought disappears. After some time the same thought appears again then we again have our reaction to it. We even make some decisions unconsciously out of anger in our mind.

We can see here that once the mind is given one thought, it focuses on it & brings solutions or decisions. The thought can be positive or negative, the mind will react accordingly.

If we direct our mind consciously to a particular planned thought then the mind will focus on that thought & will react to it in the form of an answer or solution or some plan.

Experiment on this method by yourself. Take a question for which you want the answer for. Right this question somewhere on a paper or in a word document. Create more questions related to the same topic. And focus on those questions every now & then.

For instance, if you want to be more productive in your work, you can ask the questions below.

  • What is the best use of my time right now that will make me productive?
  • What are the things that I can do, to be more productive?
  • What is the easy way to be more productive?
  • Are there any good books that will help me to become productive?
  • Who is the most productive person, I know? Can I copy his attitude? Will it help me?
  • What changes will take place in my life, if I become productive?

Asking the right questions results in receiving the right answers.

If you track these questions for a longer time, for 90 days & contemplate on these questions then you will receive magical answers from your mind & these answers will be best for you because only you know yourself better than anybody else.

Learn & Grasp New Things

Mind is mostly busy in thinking about the things that have already happened. As we already know intellectually that the past is gone & nothing can be done about it.

This understanding remains till the boundaries of the brain; it doesn’t reach the core of the mind. Mind goes on imagining the past things repeatedly & it’s unable to leave the past.

That is why we need to give something else to the mind so that it can be directed to the new pathways.

Learning new things will refresh the mind & help it to come out of the nightmare of the past.

New things will create new pathways in the mind, the old has to go, the past has to depart because new will take the whole place & there will remain no room for any past memories.

Involving the mind in learning & grasping new things will create a new rhythm in your life.

It will also enhance your focus because new requires focus & attention to grasp the new material.

As you are not used to the new material, the mind will have to focus all the energies on the new learning topic.

If you want to learn swimming then you can imagine how your inner state will change. Everything will be new for you, there will be excitement, fun, mystery & also fear.

All this will automatically erase the past cassette of the mind. There are thousands of things available for learning. You can plan by yourself which one you will begin with.

You can also remember the fact that trying to do everything will result in doing nothing. So try with only a few things for new learning to begin with.

Watch your Thought Patterns

Being aware of the things brings the change in the things. When we are not aware then there is no possibility for any change.

If someone has some problem in his life, the problem is troubling him but he ignores it, he procrastinates it, he is not completely aware of it, he is just not willing to face it then the problem will remain a problem, there will be no change.

Thoughts trouble us from within, they run in our head but we never get into the details.

We never become aware of exactly what is happening within us. We are completely at the mercy of the mind because we are not willing to face it.

Simple act of watching the thoughts can open the inner eye & bring new insights.

When we start watching what is going on within us, we can see many things that we are thinking unconsciously but we were never aware of before.

It is just like when a teacher is not in the classroom then students become messy. They will make noise, they will run here & there, they will tease each other, they will gossip off-topic.

And when the teacher is back in the classroom, everything changes, there is silence, there is discipline, there is growth, and there is learning.

Begin to watch your thought patterns & be aware of your inner world. Have a look at it, take a note of what goes on within you all day long.

Just watch & do nothing. First watch & become aware without any initial desire to make any changes. Let the thoughts run in front of you & you become the watcher.

Create Feelings of Gratitude

Gratitude has been given immense importance right from the ancient days. Scriptures talk about the miracles of gratitude & its unseen power.

Gratitude has the ability to instantly turn any situation into gold.

Gratitude is so simple that not everyone cares for it. It is something that is right in front of us to be used but we never take our eyes on it. In fact, we do the exact opposite of gratitude.

Gratitude means to offer thankfulness for the things that we have already received. And there are thousands of things that we already possess.

There are small things, there are big things, there are basic things, there are special things, there are minor things, there are major things, there are seen things, there are unseen things, and we possess them all already.

We have this great super intelligent physical body given to us which is incomparable to anything else. All the parts of it work in supernatural mode.

Every part is miraculous & has powers. Our eyesight, listening ability, walking with legs, thinking with the amazing brain & many other things have been given to us completely free of cost.

If we look around, there are so many things to be grateful for. This planet earth is indeed a miracle, the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the mountains, the sky, the ocean, the animals, the birds, the wind are all astounding wonders all around us.

Shift your focus to the feelings of gratitude & everything will change for you all of a sudden.

By being grateful, you will enter a new dimension of heavenly vibrations that is available right now in this present moment. All that is needed is gratitude & everything will fall in place with perfection.


As we can see in the ways mentioned in the blogs, that there is nothing hard or complex to bring changes in mind.

The techniques are simple & easily doable, there is no special qualification required for doing these techniques.

Anyone can do them right away & it doesn’t matter how your current situation is. By doing these techniques you will be on your way to your new mind.

If it is easy then why cannot we see people changing? The only answer to this question is action & consistency.

When we see a road in front of us that leads to a palace of paradise. Anyone can walk on it because it is available right now & also it was available in the past.

But few people choose to walk on it & they reach a beautiful palace ahead, only because they took the action of walking & they persisted till the end.

All the techniques listed in this blog need no separate time for performing these techniques. This is because we are just changing what we are doing right now.

We are just replacing the old furniture with new one. But this has to be planned carefully & then tracked on.

At the end of the day, there should be a review of how much has been practiced & asking a question regularly “Am I on track right now?” will help you remain aware & connected to your purpose of changing the inner mind.

Begin changing your mind because this is the only way to change life. Everyone wants to change, everyone wants the special qualities to awaken within him, everyone wants to be unique & powerful.

This can only be achieved by working on the inner mind. Work on your mind & the things will begin changing in your life slowly & gradually like flowers growing on a tree.