10 Ways to Win your Day – Develop Success Routine

When the sunsets & you are back at home from the chaotic day at your office, thinking lost and worried about the future?

Wondering why things are not happening to you? What is the purpose? Do we just have to fight everyday till the end of our life by working for someone? Waiting for the weekends to have little fun so that the stress of the weekdays can be forgotten for a moment.

This is the story of most of the people. It might not be office for you, it may be college, business, profession, shop, house wife or something else but the mindset is the same at the end of the day.

The feelings of losing & feelings of being unsatisfactory is seen in everyone’s inner mind. There is no satisfaction at the end of the day, there are no feelings of fulfilment, completion & success.

To achieve success, one has to plan it first. Success cannot be by chance, success is not a coincidence, and success is not luck.

Success is a fruit of planned actions, success is a planned organization of your day, success is a planned activity, and success matters on how a single day is lived.

We will discuss about 10 ways that can move you rapidly towards your success.

By taking action, you will be on your way to a successful life with feelings of winning your day. Let’s have a look into it.

Plan your day in advance

When you go for a picnic, it is obvious that you plan everything prior to going for the picnic. And when everything is planned beforehand, then the picnic becomes successful.

You can imagine what will happen if planning is not done before going to picnic, and the day comes of picnic & you begin to worry about everything.

Planning your next day in advance looks simple but is very effective. It is easily ignored by everyone because of its simplicity but few successful people plan their next day beforehand.

Begin planning your next day on what you are going to do tomorrow. And this simple activity will change your mindset completely because you will have a way & there will be clarity & no confusion.

Create a To Do List

To do list is the road map for the mind. When the mind is given clear steps it follows loyally.

Just like a driver has a road map to his destination, he enjoys the journey & there is no confusion on whether to make a right turn or left turn.

When a to-do list is ready, it also increases productivity because all the time is focused completely on completing the list.

On the other hand, when the list is not ready then there is useless thinking, confusion, indecision. It is just like a man in a dark room trying to figure out where to move.

Begin creating a To Do list & keep it simple in the initial stage. Categorize your task & create a specific item list for every category.

The steps have to be clear so that there will be no confusion while performing the task.

If there is confusion then the majority of time will go in thinking instead of action.

Decide time for every activity

Organization of your time by doing time management causes the result of success in life.

Our time is mostly wasted because our activities are not pre-decided. We tend to do the things randomly, we do the things as they come up.

Imagine if your every hour is planned from the time you wake up till you get into the bed to sleep.

Profound changes will happen in your life, if you decide time for every activity.

Examples of deciding time for every activity :-

  • 06:00 AM to 06:30 AM Meditation time.
  • 07:00 AM to 07:300 AM Gym time with motivational audiobooks.
  • 08:00 AM to 08:15 AM Reading time.
  • 09:00 AM to 09:10 AM Reviewing your goals.
  • 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM Positive Affirmations.
  • 10:00 PM to 10:10 PM Reviewing the current day.
  • 10:15 PM to 10:30 PM Planning the task list for next day.

You can categorize your goals & decide the time to be allocated to a particular category.

You can devote 01:00 hours of time to your spiritual goals, 01:00 hours of time for your health goals, 30 minutes of your time for brain skills & so on.

Use any Mobile app to track your progress

Tracking your progress refers to monitoring your activity on a daily basis. When a time is decided for an activity then tracking is like checking whether the activity is done or not.

This tracking is based on daily tracking the activity & then later the picture becomes clear as we have progress in front of us that is measurable.

There are so many apps available on the Play Store that provide the tracking of the goals. You have to create a goal & then track it every day. When the task is complete, you will have to just open the app & checkmark that it is done.

Tracking creates new neural pathways in your brain. It consumes very less time to track but has a profound impact on the success of the task.

Tracking keeps your goal in front of you. As you revisit the App for checking your items, your goal is imprinted on the subconscious mind.

Keep things simple & not complex

Everyone has experienced this sometime or later that we think so much about a topic.

We become confused by so much thinking & it feels as if we are completely lost & unable to reach any conclusion. Then suddenly something happens & your topic problem is closed in a simple manner.

Always look for simplicity in everything and you will have a whole new perspective towards all the things.

Train your mind to look for simplicity in everything & when you look, you will find there is simplicity everywhere.

Start small & remain consistent

One of the most common observed patterns of failing is that a person begins with a bang. He starts with big steps, he is excited at the beginning & does it all in the first few days.

Sooner, he is found quitting, sooner he is found procrastinating, and sooner he is found unexcited & he gives up.

And this becomes a new negative pattern of mind. When he will begin with a new goal, he will follow the same pattern, he will quit that new goal also.

To succeed, the most important objective is to remain consistent for a longer period.

Starting small is the perfect way to begin things. Slowly & gradually things grow.

Begin with very small steps in the first week, remaining consistent is the main key.

As you remain consistent for at least 21 days, a new pattern will be implanted in your mind & this pattern too will follow for all your new goals.

Take time to rest

When we do something, we invest our energy into it. Energy is consumed & utilized resulting in less amount of energy within us.

It is needed that we hold for some time so that we can charge our inner system with more energy.

Taking small breaks can be very useful because we have a habit of running here & there every now & then.

Our mind runs from one task to another rapidly. We start feeling exhausted & tired because of less energy.

Take a five minute break every half an hour. Work for 25 minutes & then take a rest for 5 minutes.

Resting does not mean mobile engagement nor does it mean gossiping or eating something that is injurious to health.

Taking rest means to just relax. You can go for a small walk or you can just sit wherever you are & relax and do nothing.

Track the time so that you can rest only for a few minutes & begin your next task.

Take time to Contemplate

It is important that a review is done for the activities that were planned. Review brings good insights, it is like a medical report that shows what exactly is lacking so that we can work on it.

Contemplating means taking out time to think & review your progress. Everyday get alone for some time & contemplate on your priority goals.

Ask questions to yourself. How is it going? Am I on track? Am I making valuable use of my time? Am I making progress? Is there anything that needs to be changed? What can I do more so that I can reach my goal faster?

Contemplating for a few minutes can save a huge amount of hours.

While contemplating you can see things which you were not aware about. This awareness will forcefully bring changes in your daily routine.

Read quality content

Reading is a skill that works directly on the mind. It transforms the mind, it activates creative forces within the brain, it gets the mind active & it improves the communication & thinking skills.

It is difficult to find a successful person that doesn’t read. In fact, every successful person reads as much as he can on a daily basis. He makes reading as his routine because he knows the power of reading.

Reading is so effective that it also has a reverse effect. Reading can also harm & destroy, if it is directed towards negative content. Either you can use it wisely or you will lose many things unknowingly.

Always read quality content that will enhance your mind. Read positive, motivational, inspirational, progressive, creative content.

You can also read content related to your career. Develop a habit of reading on a daily basis because this is the easiest way for making a change in the mind.


Winning is always an action oriented act. Winning requires action & it cannot be otherwise. Without action there cannot be any success. Sitting in one place, no one can reach the destination.

Action is required, on the other hand, we can say that right action is required. Hence, we have provided 10 ways in this blog that you can take a ride to everyday.

Working on these routines on a daily basis will definitely bring changes in your life because you will be replacing your old habits with these new routines. Making new changes in your lifestyle will bring new changes in your life.

Remember to stick to your new habits so that you can win your day & open your mind to a whole new world of joy & satisfaction.