6 Ways to Stop Complaining

The most common problem faced by majority of people is the complaining mind.

Complaining means to talk about the things that are not happening & provide reasons for the not happening part. It means to keep talking about why things are not happening.

Although if we think little bit & wonder what will happen by complaining. Will the things change just by talking about the reasons of the thing not happening?

For instance, if there is an AC problem in the house & if one begins to give a long list of complaining reasons about AC not working, will the AC begin to work automatically by complaining? The answer is No.

We have been programmed to think in a certain way & we are not aware that there can be different ways to respond to a situation.

When a thing goes wrong, our default programming is to start complaining & mind comes up with a good amount of negative reasons that will not help in resolution of the problem but will help the problem increase manifold times.

In this blog, we are providing a new programming for you. Next time when a thing goes wrong, you can choose among the below ways to update your complaining program with a new situation changing program.

Obviously the mind will drag you to the old program of complaining but remember you are the master of the house & mind is the slave.

Here are the new set of programs for your new mindset :-

Look for Solutions

When we direct our mind to a certain way, it follows like a loyal servant. It awaits the instruction from his master & when it receives instructions, it may be right or wrong, it is at a service.

When we are complaining, the wrong instructions are provided to the mind. Mind like a loyal servant brings more & more things to complain.

Mind is very creative & it will listen to the command given to him by his master & it will work on the command. If the command is for complain, it will creatively work to bring more things to complain about.

We can understand the working of mind, how it works & we can use it smartly for attaining to success by find solutions rather than failing by complaining.

In this new set of programming for our mind, we identify the root problem & begin to immediately find solutions for the problem.

By asking our mind, what is the solution for this? Mind begins to find ways for the resolution of the problem. It may take time to find the right solution although the mind will be on the right track till it finds the solution.

You will also start feeling good because you are no more complaining now. The negative energy of complaining is changing to a new positive energy of solutions.

It is crucial to understand that mind will occasionally fall back to its old programming. It will try to return to the old habit of complaining as many times as possible because that is what it is used to doing. You will have to bring it back again & again as many times as possible to focus on solutions.

Find Opportunity

Every drawback has some special gift wrapped up in some corner. It can only be seen by the one who takes the effort to find it.

Opportunities are everywhere, at every place, at all the times. They are dying to be seen by someone, they are awaiting for someone to hold them.

Only few people take the road to these opportunities & these are the people whom we call as champions or successful people. The road is available to everyone, there is no one special or extra-ordinary it is just the matter of finding the opportunities & working on them persistently.

Finding the opportunity will open new gate ways for the mind. It will enter a new door & on the contrary it will forget about complaining.

Just a small idea of opportunity can turn all the things around. New opportunities leads to a new creative productions, it may be any new physical product or it can be a new mentality.

The new creation can happen that have the possibility for a new life. This is the reason that top successful people were someday in the most horrible state of mind.

They have no money, they have diseases bodies, they have addictions, they have angers, they have broken relations, and they have family troubles.

Although these problems provoked them to take out the best that life can offer. They later thanked the bad incidences that happened to them because if the bad didn’t happened then they may not have been successful.

The bad incidences driven them to the life of success only because they found the opportunity & worked on it till they succeed. They didn’t complain, they found an opportunity instead to design a new life for their future.

Take Action

The only way to brings results in life is by taking action. Action definitely brings some kind of results & the proportion of the action also matters.

When we see the life of any successful person, we can summarize that he is a massive action taker. He is not a thinker but a doer. He is not a gossiper but a performer, he is not a victim but a winner.

Opposite happens when no action is taken, nothing happens by complaining. Everything remains the same by taking no action. Waiting for the things to turn around magically results in failure.

It is like just sitting in a car, doing nothing or just thinking, complaining & waiting for the car to magically drive to the destination. The car will remain exactly where it is because action needs to be taken to drive the car & reach to the destination.

Taking action will give a mind, a new direction. When mind will be involved in taking action it will automatically stop complaining.

On the other hand, every action has some kind of a reaction. Taking action towards the desired thing will cause a reaction of reaching the desired thing.

As we are not accustomed to taking action on immediate basis, it will be difficult at the beginning. The body & mind will not be ready to take action, they will find the reasons for not taking the action.

This can be changed by forcing the body & mind to take some kind of action. This action can be very small at the beginning but the action is necessary.

Once you start taking immediate action & program your mind for instant action, it will be habitual after sometime.

Planting this new habit of taking action instead of complaining will have amazing results in your life. Some of the benefits of taking action are as follows :-

  • Your productivity will improve
  • You will be completing the tasks faster
  • You will be completing more task than before
  • Your energy will be saved
  • You will feel positive
  • You will feel more confident about yourself
  • Results will start coming in your life

Focus on the Desired Outcome


When one is complaining, it simply means that things haven’t worked out as per his desire. And because his desire is not fulfilled, he begins to complain. His primary wish is the fulfillment of the desire & if the desire is fulfilled then there will be no complaining.

Focusing on the desired outcome instead of complaining will help the desired outcome to begin manifesting.

The thing that we give focus on increases & we expand our consciousness towards that thing. We begin to see many different aspects of that thing & this can only happen when we choose to focus on the desired outcome.

When we are focused on complain, the same principle works & we can see many more reasons to complain about because we are focused on the opposite of what we want.


Focusing on the desired outcome will have a positive impact on your mind & here are the good things that will begin to happen as you change your focus :-

  • Your will feel happier than before because you are focusing on something that you love to have.
  • Your body chemistry will change. Body will produce more healthier cells because of the positive thought flow.
  • Your mind will feel rejuvenated, refined & recharged.

Action steps

  • Step 1 – Take a piece of a paper & write down your desired outcome from the situation for which you are complaining.
  • Step 2 – Write further what will happen more when your desired outcome is fulfilled. Begin writing like if you are writing a movie script. Create different scenes of achieving your desired outcome & the things that you will do after the desired outcome is achieved. You can also write on a notepad on your computer or in your mobile.
  • Step 3 – Rehearsal this script in your mind repeatedly.

Learn Lesson


When you are hit by a negative incidence, remember that it has come to teach you some kind of a lesson.

There is a hidden message that someone wants you to read. This message is not clear but it is trying to teach something in an unknown way that will help advancement in your life.

In our life, we do many things unknowingly & it may happen that we hurt someone & we are not even aware of it. Things like this come back to us some another day in some another form.

This lesson has to be learned & if it is not learned then it will return back again till the thing is clearly understood by your inner self.


When you focus your mind on finding & learning the lesson then you have got a new insight, you will have a new vision, you lift your mind in upper direction.

Gaining a deeper insight will eventually dissolve the complaining because you know the deeper cause now. You know that the other person is not responsible for your pains, he is just a medium through which your past deeds are discharging.

Learning lesson will also change your reaction towards the things. Now you will not be angry but you will gain understanding of life principles that things come back & universe returns that which you give.

Action Steps

  • Step 1 – Take one problem that you are facing & it is troubling you very much. Choose a high troubling problem that is disturbing your life.
  • Step 2 – Commit to contemplate on this problem every day for minimum 30 minutes.
  • Step 3 – Within this 30 minutes, Meditate on this problem & ask your inner self for the deeper cause of this problem.
  • Step 4 – Ask questions to your inner self.
    • What wrong I did in past that led me to this problem?
    • What is the lesson that I can learn from this problem?
    • What is the existence trying to teach me from this problem?
    • What is the solution for this problem?
    • How can I quickly release this problem & live my life with joy?

Avoid Talking about it for Sometime


When one begins to complain, he is creating a chain of complaining thoughts.

One thought of complain brings more thoughts of complain. It becomes a long queue of complaining thoughts.

This chain has to be broken, it has to be interrupted, and it has to be stopped for some time. Discontinuing the chain breaks the chain because the continuation is like a paddle to a cycle. If we quit to paddle then the cycle of complaining cannot move ahead.

So when you find yourself complaining, simply break the chain & avoid talking about it for some time. We are using procrastination here in positive terms, we are delaying the complain so that complain never comes & it never comes if we succeed in procrastinating it.

Even if you are talking to yourself or thinking about the things in negative ways. You can break the pattern by avoiding to think about it for some time. Give yourself a little bit time, convince your mind for delaying the complains, slow down yourself so that you can diminish the negative thoughts.


We gain control over our own mind. We take a step towards mastery of the inner mind. Step by step we will regain the ownership of our inner house.

Your confidence level will move ahead as you are in command of your mind.

You will save lot of energy that might have swallowed by the negative mouth of long going list of complains.

You will save your own time & same can be utilized in some other important things.

You will also save other people’s time as no one wants to talk to & listen to negative things in life. People like talking about things that bring happiness & fun.

Your cellular system will be saved from disruption because complaining breaks the cellular system causing the beginning of the diseases.

Your body will be saved from the stress & anxiety otherwise it may have to undergo muscle tightening which happens at the time of complaining.

Action Steps

  • Step 1 – When you find yourself complaining, be aware of this fact immediately.
  • Step 2 – Command yourself to stop this topic from talking or thinking for next 1 hour.
  • Step 3 – Change the topic of your communication or thinking to something positive or good immediately without any delay.


When we have the weeds grown in the garden there has to be some action to stop growing the weeds & plant new trees.

It all depends on the action plan or else the weeds will grow & expand, they will multiply their growth & spread all over the garden.

When one has the complaining mindset there has to be some action to stop the existing & create a new pattern of mindset. When we keep it as it is then it will grow & expand with no exceptions.

So it is time to take the action & we have provided 6 ways in this blog for assisting you to bring changes in your mindset.

When the mindset changes, everything changes. Change is what everyone wants but few are committed to taking action. Take action & new changes will absolutely happen in your life.