6 Practical Tips to achieve a Positive Mindset

In this blog, we are providing 6 practical tips for achieving a positive mindset.

If you follow the tips & tricks mentioned in this blog, then you will be accelerating your mindset to a new place of positive powers & success in any area of your life.

What is a positive mindset?

Positive mindset is the hidden invisible key for reaching success in any area of your life.

Successful people possess it but they cannot show it because it is not a physical thing.

Positive mindset is the state of mind that is functional within our mind, while facing any situation of life.

The mindset has a direct impact on the results. Everyone reacts differently to the same situation so the results also vary from person to person. One who succeeds has a different mindset that one who fails.

The way one handles difficult or problematic situations is very crucial & it determines the success or failure of the situation.

Positive mindset is a skill that can be practiced & learned similar to any other skill like swimming, dancing, singing, and driving.

The skills are available to everyone & one who chooses, plans & performs daily actions towards it will master it in a few months.

Listen to Positive Content


Listening is our ability to perceive things from the outer sources. Our mind listens & if it is convinced then it accepts the material that is listened to.

Listening is like an order to the subconscious mind. It is like giving instructions to the mind so that the mind will follow the instruction.

Just by merely listening, changes the inner system because the new commands to the mind brings a new production from the mind.

Sales people use the power of listening & they make their clients listen to them by talking great things about their product. Client only listens & he is convinced merely by listening & he is invisibly forced to buy the product by only the act of listening to the sales person.

Even the spiritual masters give sermons that transform their listeners completely. Listening has a major impact on our life.


  • One idea can change your life completely. While listening to positive content there is a high probability that one small idea in some corner can hit your subconscious mind & will bring unlimited success.
  • Mind will feel a new energy because when the mind is provided with something new it gets excited & rejuvenated.
  • The content that is listened to will be grasped by the subconscious mind & in your day you can find yourself reacting differently to the things.
  • Listening will act as a fuel to your mind & you will always be on-track to your goals.
  • Listening to positive content will motivate you to take massive action & encourage you to keep moving further towards your dreams.
  • Listening to positive content will give you confidence that it is possible & it can be done. It will lighten your energy levels & will always keep a lamp of hope burning within you.

Action Steps

Listen to positive audio or video recordings for a minimum 30 minutes a day.

There is so much positive content available on the internet.

Listen only to positive & encouraging content. You can choose to listen to one of the great authors, motivators, & successful people.

Flip the Thought


Thought is a thing we are dealing with every moment. Right now you are also thinking some thoughts in your mind. You might not be aware of it but the thoughts are available & running in this mind.

As we are not aware of our thoughts so the thoughts have the freedom to think any thoughts. Any kind of thought can come in the mind & it can steal happiness for no reason.

This can be changed by taking our ownership back from the mind. This can be changed by changing the thoughts consciously & thinking the thoughts of our choice rather than mind choosing its own thoughts.

In Flipping the thought, firstly we become aware of the thought then we change that thought exactly to the opposite positive thought. This only has to be done in case of negative thoughts.

We have to Flip the Thought & re-design it with a positive perspective.

We have to do this because our mind is programmed to think negatively most of the time. We have to re-train it by flipping the thought from negative to positive.


  • By changing the thought from negative to positive will produce good feelings & you will begin to feel good & happy.
  • Doing this will impact the outer results because we are changing the inner & as a matter of law of the universe the outer has to change.
  • After doing this for a long time, it will be a habitual process. Your mind will be completely trained to think positive and this will awaken unimaginable mind powers.
  • You will also attract new positive people around you because positive vibrations from your mind will act as a magnet to pull positive people to you.
  • Practicing this method will break the negative patterns of the mind & it will change the body chemistry. Body will be more relaxed & away from panic bringing the production of healthy cells in the body.

Action Steps

Be aware of your thoughts. As you find yourself thinking a negative thought, Flip the Thought immediately to the opposite thought.

For instance, you see yourself in a mirror & you think & feel “I am overweight”. Flip this thought immediately to “I have a perfect weight. I am healthy & vibrant. I am the best. I am successful”.

In this way bombard your mind with positive thoughts.

Train the Mind to See Goodd


Mind is like water, we can give it any shape we desire. It will follow the command, it will mould itself as we desire, it will never fight back, and it will only follow what it has been given.

From our childhood, the mind has been trained for many things but not all the things it is trained for are good for us. Mind is mostly trained to see negative things, it is trained to talk about demerits, and it is trained to talk about the not wanted things.

Mind has to be re-trained to see good in everything. And this is possible although it takes time for the mind to get acquainted with any new habit.

When any situation happens, we will have to Train the Mind to See Good in it. There is always something good hidden in everything. We can find the good only when we make an effort to find it.


  • Your Feelings will be transformed from negative to positive. Good feelings will begin a new chapter in your life.
  • People will like you because everyone feels happy when good things are talked about.
  • You will erase many of the battles or arguments with other people because you are now focused on the good aspects.
  • Once the mind is trained to see good, then it will automatically bring more good things into your focus. You will attract good things everywhere.
  • Health will be boosted by focusing on good because disease mostly comes by focusing on the bad side of things.

Action Steps

  1. When you find yourself in a troubling situation then you can begin looking for the good things in the same situation.

    Example – While travelling to the office with your bike, there was too much traffic.

    Good things –

    • You can see the open sky, clouds moving & offer gratitude for staying near nature for a bit more time.
    • You can enjoy the sunshine & grasp natural vitamins from nature.
    • You can see the other vehicles around you & choose which one you like the most & watch it carefully.
    • If it is unmoving traffic then you can switch off your engine & give some rest to your vehicle. Your vehicle is a great instrument & it makes you fly without wings.
    • You can see around the other people, there might be some couple laughing, there might be some child smiling. See the good things around you.
    • You can see around you & find a person who has great physical appearance & imagine having the same beautiful & strong physical body for yourself.
  2. Recall incidents that have happened in your life today, yesterday or in the past.

    Take one incidence & see for the good things that happened due to this incidence.

List down Positive Aspects


In this technique, we are creating a list of positive aspects. We trigger our mind to find positive things.

When we give a mind a task, it does everything to accomplish it. It connects to the higher mind & brings the solutions. This can only happen when we give it a planned task.

We can instruct the mind to make a list of the positive aspects on any given topic. It will begin finding all the positive aspects & then we realize that there are so many positive aspects that were hidden & unrevealed.

When creating a list, any positive aspect will do. It may be illogical or it may be meaningless. Everything will do because we are not sharing this list to any other person.

Everything that happens to us has 2 sides, one is the darker side & other one is the brighter side. Making a list of positive things shifts our focus to the brighter side of the thing.


  • There will begin a positive flow of energy within you because you are focusing on the positive.
  • The mind will begin to be aligned & disciplined as we are directing it to a single focus point.
  • We can discover many positive things that we were unaware about, this will bring new insights & eventually it will lead you to success.
  • If one is angry & he begins this exercise, it will blow away his anger slowly & steadily as the anger only comes by focusing on the negative side of things.

Action Steps

Choose any object in front of you or any incidence will also do.

Begin listing down 10 positive things about the object or incidence.

It can be any positive thing small or big, logical or illogical.

Example – Object is Apple

  • Apple is good for your health.
  • Apple looks beautiful.
  • Apple is easy to eat & we can eat it directly bite by bite.
  • Apple is easy to carry anywhere.
  • Apple will boost energy levels within the body.
  • Apple is bigger & it can fulfil hunger.
  • Apple can also be used in fruit salads.
  • Apple can be purchased from the local market or it is easily available somewhere nearby.
  • Apple is a fruit & it is away from any human interaction keeping it natural & good for health.
  • Apple juice is tasty & good for breakfast.



Meditation is used to work with the mind & reach the state of no-mind. Meditation is the act of watching the mind & withdrawing our participation with the mind.

Mind has the habit of thinking thoughts & it goes on doing it day and night with no breaks. Meditation is breaking the thought patterns & increasing the silent gaps between the thoughts.

Meditation is a practice & it is not just a theory. It has to be practiced to experience new states of mind.

It is very simple yet difficult to meditate. It is simple because we have to just watch within our thoughts & d nothing. It is difficult because we are so used to thinking thoughts every moment that we forget our meditation & continue with the thinking.


  • Meditation will clear the flow of negative thoughts that will result in a positive mindset.
  • Meditation will accumulate more energy within the inner world & there will be refreshment & a new hope.
  • Meditation will take you to an alpha state of mind, this is the happiness state of mind & it emits positive vibrations.
  • Meditation will make the mind stronger because of the calm state of mind. Your mind will be more powerful than others that will result in success.
  • Meditation will remove the stress for the past & worries about the future. The mind will be in the present moment away from all the illusions of mind.

Action Steps

  1. Meditation 1

    Devote 30 minutes daily for meditation.

    • Close your eyes. Sit in a comfortable position.
    • Watch the thoughts going on within your mind.
    • Simply watch the thoughts like a movie in front of your mind screen.
    • You have to just keep on watching the thoughts & do nothing.
    • You do not have to jump into the thought & make judgments or conclusions.
    • You have to just watch the thoughts come & go.

  2. Meditation 2

    In your daily routine, be aware of the things happening around you. Be more alert about the sounds, feelings, & other senses. Be aware of your body moments, be aware of the sounds you hear, be aware about the things going on around you.

Increase your Focus


Focusing on one thing is something that few people really know how to do. Others jump from one branch to another just like a monkey jumping from one tree to another.

Putting a focus on one thing & fully absorbing oneself in the focused object is the key to success. This is not something new, it is available in the overall history of human life.

Successful people, the winners, the rulers, the enlightened masters are the ones that have mastered the skill to focus single mindedly on a single object.

Focus can be improved & it has to be practiced very much for mastering it. Making a conscious effort to increase the focus is the only way to develop the focus.


  • Focus will alter the state of the mind & it will raise the inner vibration changing the entire chemistry of your inner system.
  • Focus will make you grasp more things, keeping you ahead of others.
  • Focus will make you see many things that can open new pathways for your life.
  • Focus will indirectly erase the unwanted things & will make your way towards the useful things that will contribute to the success.
  • Focus will bring an alignment in the body & mind resulting in a relaxed state of mind.

Action Steps

  1. Technique 1

    Take one topic of your choice. It may be anything like some problem, some new task, some incidence, some person, some book, etc.

    Think on this topic for 10 to 20 minutes.

    The whole focus should be on this topic. Think about various aspects of the topic, think about it from different dimensions.

  2. Technique 2

    Create a list to-do of the tasks that you will accomplish today.

    Prioritize the task. Set a time for every task. Give every task a specific time like 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 30 minutes.

    Focus only on one task at a time.

  3. Technique 3

    Choose a physical object that you can see in front of you like an apple, watch, some picture or anything around you.

    Watch this object for 5 minutes. Watch the object carefully & observe every aspect of it.


We have explored a bunch of practical tips that can help change your mindset to positive & filled with powers.

As you follow the tips you will realize & feel the change slowly & steadily shifting your life to a new floor of success & achievement.

Create a plan to experiment with the methods mentioned in this blog. You can choose limited methods rather than doing all the methods at once.

We intend to bring changes in your mindset so that more people can walk towards the path of pureness & the world can transform into the best place in the entire globe.