How to Manifest while Meditating

Probably, you might be wondering whether one can manifest the dreams while meditating. Is there any way that meditation can help manifest the desires?

Can meditation be used for manifestation? If yes then How to manifest while meditation?

In this blog, we will clear all your queries related to manifestation & meditation.

You will receive authentic steps as an action plan for you to dive deeper in the field of meditation & manifestation.

When it comes to spiritualism, there are indeed very few masters that share the authentic knowledge & the knowledge they share is not from this world, they tap into the invisible dimensions through meditation & download information that is immensely valuable & life changing.

After studying & listening to the top people in the whole world in relation to meditation & manifestation, we have summarized the solution in a few simple steps.

We will look into different questions that usually hit the minds of the meditators & manifestors.

What does manifest mean in meditation?

We all have an invisible potential to think & dream about things. We are a continuous dreaming machine, we are imagining some scenes in our minds every moment.

We are crafting stories within us, we are creating something invisible within us that cannot be seen by anyone else.

To bring the imaginations from inner nothing into outer physical reality is called manifestation.

Manifestation is the output whereas the inner thoughts are the input.

Everyone dreams, everyone thinks, every one imagines but not everyone manifests & not everyone succeeds in manifestation.

Every person knows how to dream, this is something that we are not taught still we are capable of doing it.

Few people know how to manifest the dream, not because it is hard to manifest, however because there are few people who really investigate this concept of manifestation whereas others only prefer to dream & leave it with no further action.

The concept of manifestation is similar in meditation. With the help of meditation, the manifestation process can fasten & the results always depend on the quality of the state of mind.

It is obvious that a chaotic mind, irritated mind, frustrated mind, angry mind will not be able to manifest the things. In reality, the negative qualities of mind will delay the manifestation & it will do the reverse of manifestation.

On the other hand, a calm mind, peaceful mind, relaxed mind, happy mind, and gratitude mind will result in quicker manifestations than thought possible.

How meditation helps you manifest?

Meditation is a process that is similar to climbing a ladder. Person is standing below the ladder then he starts moving up & up by climbing a step & then another.

Step by step he reaches the top of the ladder. When he started he was below the ladder & when he is up on the top of the ladder he is at a completely different place.

At the beginning of meditation, a person is in a low state of consciousness, he is unaware, he is in a dreamy sleep, he is unconscious and he is below the ladder.

Step by step he rises above by shifting his mind to a new state of consciousness.

When the consciousness rises in the higher dimension then the person reaches a completely new state of mind.

The higher state of mind has very high vibrations. The person reaching in this state has a powerful energy revolving around him.

And the byproduct of this higher state of mind is manifestation. Due to the very high vibrational state, the things are manifested as per the will & desire.

Higher state of mind is the reason for the ancient masters seen performing miracles. In our history, we have heard about people with special powers, we have heard about the enlightened masters doing miracles that are not possible for an average person.

These powers are gained by tapping into the deeper levels of mind with the help of meditation.

Meditation is the way to the source of unlimited powers. Anyone can enter the way, walk until he finds & attain the ultimate unending source of energy.

Can you meditate and manifest at the same time?

When it comes to inner world exploration. There are different dimensions in the inner world.

We are multidimensional beings. What this means is that we are here in this physical dimension so we are in another invisible dimension. We exist here & there at the same time.

We live in a physical dimension & we are completely focused on the physical lane. Our physical eyes open & we see the world around us. We can see the colors, objects, people, animals & everything that is visible.

There is also an inner eye that can see the inner dimensions but we are not aware of it because our focus is directed towards the outer world rather than inward.

When it comes to manifestation, it has an unrevealed process that happens secretly. Manifestation isn’t instant on the physical lane, it begins with a thought in someone’s mind.

When the thought is completely accepted in the subconscious mind, the manifestation has already happened in the mind. It finds its own way & appears in physical dimension in whatsoever way possible.

So can you meditate and manifest at the same time?

While doing meditation when a person enters a calm state & imagines the object of his desire in front of the mind filled with intense emotions as if the desire is already existing & alive. Then the manifestation has already happened in the fourth dimension.

The desire will definitely enter the physical dimension in some way or another. That is not to be cared for, that is the job of the subconscious mind.

Our only job is to convey the desire to the subconscious mind & once the thought is accepted then the things will fall in place in ways that cannot be imagined with conscious thinking.

How do I start meditation and Manifesting?

Meditation is the starting point. The end point is the manifestation. This means, firstly we will have to do the meditation & after entering the alpha state of mind through meditation, we will have to perform the manifestation steps.

Meditation helps in entering the alpha state of mind. It is a tool where we shift to the inner world by closing the doors of the outer world.

Once we enter the inner world, it is a different state of mind that we experience. We enter into a new dimension of mind that has hidden powers.

Step 1 is to do the meditation for more than 10 minutes.

The best meditation for manifestation is the Third Eye meditation. In this meditation, we have to close our eyes & tilt our head very slightly upwards. Further we have to keep watching the third eye.

Third eye is a place between the 2 eyes. We have to do this meditation with closed eyes. We have to keep watching into the place of third eye for 10 minutes.

Step 2 is to perform the manifestation steps that are listed below.

Manifestation Step 1 – Clarity

This step has to be done prior to meditation. The destination has to be set prior to travelling. Destination comes first then based on the destination the travel is scheduled.

Getting clear about exactly what you want is very crucial. It is like giving an order to a waiter. If you order something that you didn’t want, you still receive the order because the waiter has no idea about your choices or preferences. He will simply follow your order & bring back what you have ordered.

Clarity can be given time. One can take time to list out the things that he wants. Among the list, he can prioritize the goals. The desires that are highly needed can be focused on priority basis.

When there are many items in your list to be manifested. It is common that there is a possibility of frequently jumping from one desire & another. This will result in nothing, nor this & nor that.

Once the clarity is determined & one is clear about the things that he wants then the next step is to pick out 1 goal among them all. To pick one goal is the best thing because at a time you can only focus on one goal.

After finalizing one goal, the journey will begin towards this goal. This goal has to be written on a paper & has to be focused on consistently, every now & then because staying on track is important. If you lose the track then you will reach a place that you never wanted to reach.

Manifestation Step 2 – Alpha state

This step is achieved through meditation & it is the key for the manifestation.

Manifestation depends completely on the state of mind & there is no other way around.

Alpha state of mind is the state of mind in which frequency of thoughts is very less. This is the state where a person is almost asleep and still awake.

Alpha state is not something new but we experience this state of mind regularly every day. We are familiar with it though we are not aware of it.

When we get up in the morning, our mind is in an alpha state for a few first moments. When we go for sleep & just prior a few moments before the sleep the alpha state of mind again taps in.

Alpha state stands as a bridge between the conscious & subconscious mind. This bridge has to be crossed for bringing manifestations.

As mentioned above in step 1, watching the third eye for 10 or more minutes will result in an alpha state of mind. Just watching one reaches the alpha state, just observing the mind like a watcher brings the alpha state of mind.

Once the mind reaches the alpha state, we can move to the next step & begin our manifestation process through meditation.

Manifestation Step 3 – Imagination

We have been given the inner potential to imagine the things that are not yet.

Imagination is the beginning of the creation process. It is the starting point of the manifestation.

Without imagination there cannot be manifestation. The great things that we see all around us were once imagined by someone in his or her mind.

In this step, we will imagine the thing that we want. Just like we watch a movie on a television screen. We will have to watch our desire in front of the mind screen.

We have to see ourselves living the desire as if it is happening now. With all our heart & faith we have to recognize its manifestation & enjoy the feelings of manifestation.

We have to really & really believe from all our heart that this desire is manifested in this moment. We will have to bathe in the feelings of celebration & joy.

The more intense the vibration, the more effect it will have on the outer physical manifestation. Only the feelings matter the most, feelings are the key for faster manifestation.

In the alpha state of mind, when we imagine our desire in front of our mind screen it creates an impression of our desire on the subconscious mind.

When this process is repeated multiple times, the impression of our desire on the subconscious mind will go deeper & deeper. And the result of this will be Manifestation.

Manifestation Step 4 – Gratitude

Once the manifestation is done, it’s time to offer gratitude for the universe for making this happen. It’s time to thank cosmic intelligence for producing the object of your desire.

In this step, we offer gratitude with all our heart with a feeling that we have already received our desire. We are at a place where manifestation has already taken place & we are feeling the feelings of having it.

Gratitude is a feeling & it has less to do with words but more to do with the emotion. Plain words with no energy of emotion are weak words & have less or no impact.

Gratitude is a very high frequency & anyone who connects to this frequency receives an upliftment in his life followed by chain of miracles.

The frequency of gratitude is available all the time, we have to intentionally connect to it by focusing & directing our thoughts towards this frequency.

Gratitude is very much the opposite of complaining. Our brain is mostly involved in complaining about the things that we don’t have. By shifting the focus of mind from complaint to gratification is one of the greatest things that can be done.

Once we begin to offer gratitude for the things that we already have, we can see even more things that we have already received although we never appreciated their existence.