Best Ways to Tackle Everyday Problems

There isn’t a human being in history that has zero problems in his life. Every human being in his daily routine experiences some kind of problem.

Problems are faced by everyone but not everyone has a planned approach to solve them.

Most people try to ignore the problem, they may run from the problem for a short time but the problem will catch them again.

Solution is the only escape from the problem.

There are various ways to react to the problems & mindset also plays a vital role in the resolution. We will look into different aspects to help deal with the problems with a qualitative approach.

Following are some of the best ways to tackle everyday problems.


  1. Accept the Fact
  2. Keep Mind Calm
  3. Learning from the Problem
  4. How to avoid same Problem?
  5. Advantages of Problem
  6. Finding Solutions
  7. What others are doing for the same problem?
  8. Asking help from Invisible world
  9. Conclusion

Accept the Fact

The very first step for solving any problem is to consider that the problem exists.

People get very upset when a problem hits them, they argue & complain & they talk about the problem shouldn’t have happened to them, that they are so nice & why do problems occur to nice people.

If we can summarize this then we can come to conclusion that they are not willing to accept the fact.

If rain is falling outside then it is falling we cannot neglect the fact. Ignorance is not the solution because problem will not go by our assumptions about life, it will indeed expand like fire.

Accepting the fact means we are considering the problem & there is no energy wasted in holding us back from irrelevant talks. It is identifying the problem & seeing it with clarity as it is.

It is like watching a bird’s eye clearly so that the arrow of solution can be fired in one clear direction.

A conscious approach towards the identification of problems can release a good amount of stress. Stress comes because of predicting negative things & complaining about the situations. When all this energy is directed towards accepting the fact about the existence of the problem & understanding that our anger towards the occurrence of the problem will not make the problem disappear.

Accepting the fact will lessen the lifespan of the problem because for most people the majority of time goes in talking about why the problem is.

When one accepts the problem in early stage he further finds the solution & solves it, the another person might get involved in neglecting the fact about the problem then he will be miles away from solution because he hasn’t yet accepted unconsciously that problem exists.

Keep Mind Calm

When a problem comes, it can be observed that the first thing that happens is its effect on the body parts. There is a certain tightening in the muscles that gives a feeling of discomfort. It may be in the head or it may be in legs or hands or in the stomach, it varies from person to person & problem to problem.

So the question arises how to release this stress formed in the body parts & the answer is the calm mind.

Most of the problems do arise because of the instability of the mind. Unstable mind that is full of thoughts attracts problems easily. Unstable mind forces the person to act in a misaligned manner causing the occurrence of most of the problems.

The fluctuating mind is like fluctuating electricity resulting in damaging of the electronic products.

Keeping the mind in a calm state results in many miraculous things that can only be understood by the experience.

In the calm state of mind, the solution arises very easily & without any hard effort.

When the mind is free of thoughts it connects to the higher mind, the higher mind has all the knowledge & information available with accuracy.

It has been tried by many great people that they used to talk about their problems to themselves before sleeping & asking for solutions. After getting up in the morning the solution used to come to the surface of mind first thing in the morning.

Ways to Calm the Mind :

  • Doing Meditation in the morning or at night.

  • Focusing on the breathing.

  • Consciously relaxing every part of the body from bottom to top.

  • Entering in the alpha state of mind & repeating affirmations to calm the mind.

  • Listening & keeping the ears open.

  • Closing the eyes & watching the thoughts.

  • Slowing down the breath.

  • Practicing no body movement.

Learning from the Problem

“Problems come to everyone but the way in which one handles it determines the success or failure.”

Changing the mindset towards the problem changes the perspective & also the inner vibration.

Usually people get angry when a problem comes, this not only disturbs the mindset but also affects the other people coming in contact with us. Looking to learn something from the problem changes the perspective & it gives a different direction to look.

Every problem has a hidden lesson to be learned.

It is assumed that once the lesson is learned the problem dissolves because it has come to teach something & after learning it the purpose of the problem is completed. These lessons are different for every person so one has to find out for himself and no one else can identify it for you.

Many times problems open up new opportunities & the new opportunities may not have appeared if the problem didn’t exist.

Keeping the learning mindset will push the mind to see the positive aspect of the problem & it can lead to seeing various opportunities that will further change life completely.

Opportunities can only be seen with open eyes, blind eyes cannot see something that is in the right front.

How to avoid same Problem?

Problems are like classes in the school, students have to pass to move to the upper class. If a student fails he has to repeat the same class until he learns & passes out.

Problem has come to teach something & it has some hidden lesson that needs to be learned and until this lesson is learnt, the problem will visit you again after periods of time.

Some of the ways to avoid same Problems are :

  • To avoid the same problem, in hand to hand with finding a solution, it is necessary to shift our vision by asking the question to ourselves

    “What is this problem trying to teach me?”

    The answer is not going to come instantly at the initial beginning of asking. But as one gets used to it the answer will come because your inner system knows many secret things that are hidden & can only be explored by asking questions.

  • Problems also have different types, some are small & some are big. There are tiny problems that occur repeatedly & one of the reasons for their occurring is our ignorance towards them.

    One of the solutions to avoid the same small problems is to consciously think a little bit about the problem & planning a permanent solution.

  • Tracking the problem on a paper or excel sheet or any other application on Computer. Mostly we are unaware of the same problem hitting us on the face on a daily basis.

    Bringing an awareness can work like magic, just becoming aware can open the eye & provide a new vision that can burn the problem & all its future instances.

Advantages of Problem

Problems have the potential for the Products. The products that we use in everyday life were problems at some time in history. Someone took advantage of the problem & created products that solve people’s problems.

All the marketing industry works on this principle & they focus on people’s problems & build a solution that provides immense value.

Every problem comes with a set of advantages & they can only be seen when one opts to see them.

When faced with a problem the default behavior is to get unsettled & irritated. This default behavior is programmed very deeply because of the repetition but it can be changed by installing a new set of programs.

Focusing on the advantages is the new program for the mind. When a problem occurs the first tiny step should be to see the advantages of the problem.

Problems force you to go beyond the comfort zone & be a different person than you are.

Problem is a knock on the door of mind to unleash the hidden potential. Problem is asking for more potential to be awakened so that when one comes out of the problem, he becomes a different person.

Problem solving is a skill & skill can only be sharpened by practice. Every new problem has an advantage of sharpening the muscle of solving problems.

More problems one solves, the more confidence he will have & the more expertise he will have. Once the skill is mastered then the problems cannot create any fear because the solution oriented mindset is bigger than the problem itself.

Finding Solutions

There are many ways & lots of techniques to solve problems but one of the core things to find solutions is the state of mind.

Solution is like water that dissolves the fire of a problem. Water is cool & it has the potential to erase the fire. Mind needs to be relaxed to erase the problem because the calm mind comes up with satisfying solutions.

When the mind is stable & at peace, it comes up with the best solutions one can have.

One can consciously look for the possible solutions by thinking over the problem with clarity.

Thinking on one topic for a longer period moves you deeper into the problem. Then the problem can be seen from different directions & different facets sprout out of the problem. In this thinking process, the mind becomes involved in finding solutions & like a loyal servant it starts to pop out some solutions in the conscious mind.

Mindset for finding solutions should be free from any other direction of thoughts. It should not include the discussion about why the problem happened, or this person did that & the problem started.

Crying about the problem will keep the problem where it was, as it is unmoved. Finding solutions should only include the focus on solutions.

Some of the tips for finding solutions :

  • Define problems with complete clarity. Without clarity there cannot be a solution.

  • Try to keep the mind calm by doing meditation or remaining silent for some minutes. After the mind is stable then start thinking for solutions, at this time the quality of thoughts will improve.

  • Start collecting more information regarding the problem.

  • Use mind techniques like six thinking hats, mind mapping, brainstorming, etc.

  • Discuss the problem with others, maybe others can suggest something & it will trigger an idea in your mind.

  • Take a pen and paper & start writing solutions randomly.

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes & work the mind to find 3 different solutions within 5 minutes.

What others are doing for the same problem?

You are not the only one dealing with the problems.

All people who were & who are, are facing the problems & some surely have found solutions for the similar problem you are facing.

Expert solutions are already available, the need is to find them. Through the internet, it has become possible to connect with the whole globe, sitting at your home.

Finding out what others are doing for the same problem will require communicating with people or using google & finding various websites, books on the internet that will help to get a solution.

There might be an already available solution somewhere, if you find it then you need to copy the same solution. If the solution is not available anywhere then you can find your own solution because the solution is not limited to one way, there can be multiple solutions for the same problem.

We can also learn the structure of problem solving from the experts. If any problem arises, the experts have pre-built patterns or steps that they follow for tackling the problem. Here the problem may be different but they follow the same steps for solving it. We can get this knowledge from books, audiobooks, lectures, workshops, etc.

Asking help from Invisible world

In the spiritual perspective, there is a power beyond the logical mind that has unlimited knowledge. It has the answer or solution that cannot be predicted by the conscious mind. Invisible world has miraculous powers.

It often happens that someone does everything possible but still he doesn’t get the solution. Everything that is consciously possible is done but still the problem has no solution.

Then seeing no way out, the person surrenders completely & prays for the solution & the solution comes in a magical way. This is how all the great inventions have been done through the power of the subconscious mind.

The book “The Power of Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy” is full of real experiences of praying & things happening just by praying with a good heart before sleeping and after getting up in the morning. The prayer done in the relaxed state of mind is more effective & produces results quickly.

Prayer is nothing but asking help from the invisible world for the resolution.

Words of prayer are not robotic but they are similar to asking for help to a real person in front of you. So there are no fixed words for prayer & there is no fixed language for the prayer.

You simply ask for help in the language of your mother tongue with kind words & a thankful heart. Solution will come in the form of intuition & you will be directed to it with the help of signals from your mind.


Problems are faced by everyone but few people face them with a pre-built plan. When we have the plan ready beforehand then the turnaround time for the solution can be lessened.

Leaders are the one who have mastered to tackle the problems in a structured manner & this results in quick solutions. Quick solutions make them leaders because everyone else around them either takes more time to solve or are unable to solve the problems completely.

The tactics shared in this blog can be experimented by your own practice. The way that is suitable & comfortable for you will give good results.

As you change your thinking & attitude towards the problem then surely there is going to be a change in your life. With more awareness towards the problem, your life will reach new peaks of success in less time.

Next time when you come across a problem, instead of getting stressed, find it as an opportunity to try the methods mentioned in this blog.