5 Mind Habits to Change your Thinking

We have heard mostly about physical habits & we are more focused on developing good habits that are related to something physical like waking up early, going to gym, reading books, listening to audiobooks, being vegetarian, improving communication & so on.

There is nothing bad in developing these habits but there are also mind habits that are more powerful than any other type of habits.

Our mind also has created some patterns that it repeats as a matter of habit. If we watch closely with keen observation within our mind then we can notice that it acts in a certain way & it has formed a habit of reacting in similar ways.

It thinks similar kinds of thoughts every single day. It is used to think the same thoughts over & over again. In this practice, it is attracting the same life as it was before.

To bring transformation in life, we have to change the mind habits & this is more challenging than the physical habits.

Mind is working & active 24 hours without rest. If it is programmed in the wrong way then it will work 24 hours in the wrong way then great effort will be needed to change its direction to the right way.

If we focus on a single moment & one step at the time then it will be more than enough to take charge of a flickering mind.

We will now jump into the 5 Mind habits that have the potential to transform your mind. The winners use these faculties to become mentally stronger & powerful than others & this is what makes them winners.

Here are the Mind Habits :


  1. Affirmations
  2. Feel Already Happened
  3. Visualization
  4. Thinking Big
  5. Find Positive
  6. Conclusion


We are talking to ourselves the whole day. Mind chattering is going on within, in an unconscious state. We didn’t notice it but it’s going on behind our eyes in the background.

Most of the inner talking is unnecessary & irrelevant, it is directed randomly to any topic, and there is no specific direction. We have unknowingly created a mind habit of talking within.

Affirmations is the method to use the inner talking for increasing mind powers & directing the energy towards specific goals. By doing affirmations, we are using the same mind chattering but giving it a predetermined direction.

And there is a huge difference between random mind chattering Vs centered mind affirmations. Random chattering will suck all the energies & centered mind affirmations will produce positive energies & will save energy by erasing the irrelevant thoughts.

You can select your own affirmations based on your goals. Following are the Points to be considered while creating your own affirmations.

  • Affirmations should always be positive.
  • Affirmations should always be in the present tense.
  • Affirmations should be short.
  • Affirmations should be specific & related to your dreams.
  • Affirmations should be easier to recite.
  • Affirmations should be easier to understand & should not contain hard to understand complex words.
  • Affirmations should be understandable to you. Affirming something that you do not understand will have no effect.

Affirmations done in the calm state of mind are more effective because they sink deeper in the subconscious mind. Affirmations hold unlimited potential & they can mold your mind in such a way that you never thought possible.

Affirmations are planted in your subconscious mind & they are the cause of the results in your life.

Negative affirmations have unknowingly taken shelter in your mind & through inculcating a new set of Affirmations will change the results.

There are different ways to do Affirmations & you can choose one that best suits you. Here are the ways of doing Affirmations :-

  • Affirmations in front of the mirror.
  • Verbal Affirmations as if one is talking to himself but in a very subtle voice.
  • Loud affirmations by shouting it loud to make an impact.
  • Affirmations in mind in a silent voice that no one else can hear.
  • Affirmations while falling asleep.
  • Audio Affirmations. You record affirmations in your voice & listen to them or you listen to affirmations in someone else’s voice.
  • Subliminal Affirmations. These affirmations play in the background & you need to just keep them playing them on a device.
  • Affirmations in Alpha state of mind.

Feel Already Happened

Feelings are from the heart. We are feeling beings & we feel certain emotions based on the things happening to us. If we meet some old friend while walking on the road, we will feel happy talking to him.

If we buy some new products like clothes, mobile phones then it will make you feel happy. The outer situation is causing the feelings to be triggered in the heart.

There is also another dimension to the feelings. Imagine, if a person is sitting in a room where he is all alone, no one around him. He starts thinking about the insults that happened to him in the last month.

In the present moment, he is feeling bad & angry but there is no one around him at this moment to disturb him. The person is disturbing himself by feeling bad by thinking & focusing on some event that happened months before.

Feelings are also a habit & we are used to feeling in certain patterns that we have developed by repetition. To take charge of our feelings & to direct them in the right destination will not only improve the emotional state of mind but it will also help in attracting things to us.

The law of attraction is completely based on one basic principle of feeling the feelings of your dream prior to manifestation. As a practice of this method, you begin with clarity of your goal and what is that you want.

Multiple times in a day, you feel the feelings as if it has already happened & you are rejoicing. You accumulate all the feelings in your subconscious mind of having it already.

Focus the mind on how it will feel if you have your dream in the present moment in your hands.


As we watch movies in the theater, similar movies play within the theater of our mind. The inner screen is in the forefront of the head & we visualize different scenes on the screen of mind.

We react to the scenes with emotions. And the creator of this inner movie is none other than you. You yourself are designing visualizations, they may be automatic but the power to visualize remains in the hands of the creator that is you.

Visualization is also a habit of mind. Different pictures float in front of our mind & they are affecting our lives. Inner Visualization done in the wrong direction attracts wrong outer things.

Some people are good at visualizations & they can imagine clear pictures with solid colors as if it is really happening. While others are not very accustomed to visualization but still they can visualize.

We are in complete control of our visualization faculty & we have the potential to choose the scenes playing in our mind. Visualizations should be directed towards your dreams.

As we are the directors of the inner movie, we can expand our creativity & create scenes playing in our mind related to the achievement of the goal. By visualizing yourself already achieving the goal & all the things that you will do on attainment of goal can be visualized in the mind.

Visualization is nicely used by the peak performers or the champions. They make a habit every day to visualize themselves performing on top & winning the competition.

It is also found in recent experiments done where people were asked to play certain games in their mind on a daily basis. They were not practicing physically but only mentally. After the end of the experiment it was found that practicing in mind improved the performance even without physically practicing the game.

Visualization is powerful, if used in the right direction it can make you a winner & if used in the wrong way it will make you a failure.

Thinking Big

Majority of people are programmed to think in limits, right from their childhood days. Watching the parents talk & behave with the thoughts of shortage & limitations have pre-planted the habit of thinking small in our minds.

It may be any area of life, we have been programmed to think small. Thinking bigger is thought to be crazy & a person will be declared mad if we start talking outside the box.

If you start thinking big, People will try to take you down back to the small thinking. Few people begin to program their minds to think big & as a result they become big.

All the top successful people came to the top because they have changed their thinking from small to big. They have accepted the courage to stand aloof with their big thinking.

Thinking big starts from expanding your dreams to the biggest levels.

You may feel that you are not worthy enough but that feeling will vanish after some days.

Start thinking big in everything that you do. If you want to lose weight then think big & not just 2 or 5 kgs. If you want to earn money then think of earning more than your demands. If you want to buy a vehicle, think of buying the best in the market.

Thinking big doesn’t require any money, it is the habit of mind. Once you practice programming your mind to think big in every act, you can see major changes happening in your life after sometime because thoughts are things as per law of attraction.

Thoughts create vibrations & they attract the things based on the vibrations. Big thinking will make you attract bigger things simply because you think so. Start thinking big & experience the impact of it in your life.

Find Positive

This is a beautiful habit to have. Few people focus on positive aspects in any situation. Habit of finding something positive has to be developed.

We have the reverse habit implanted in our mind. We rejoice in critics & we find happiness in finding negatives in others. When a person is not in front of us, we talk negatively about him to others. We have developed the habit of finding negatives.

Habits can only be changed by conscious effort & discipline.

If we change nothing, then nothing changes in life. All habits stay the same & will contribute to a messy life of failure.

We have to bring new changes in daily routine & remain persistent till the habit becomes natural. Just an effort of a few weeks & there will be alignment in life.

Finding positive things about others or any situation can be practiced easily.

Following are some ideas to begin :-

  • Take any person & find 10 positive things about him.
  • Take any movie & find 10 positive lessons in it.
  • Take any book & find 10 positive things about him.
  • Take any event that happened today & find 10 positive things about it.
  • Take any object in front of you & find 10 positive things about it. Like mobile, watch, laptop, fan, house, door, chair, trees and so on.
  • Take any product you use daily & find 10 positive things about it.
  • Take any past event that troubled you & find how it helped you to learn something.
  • Take any 10 good things that happened today.


One who is determined is the one who is successful. Average people never succeed because of the simple reason that they are not determined enough & do not remain persistent in their effort. They walk a little & quit in the middle & this is the habit that they have created with their own hands.

Now is the right time to begin creating new habits. Have a plan for creating new habits, allocate time every day to work on habits, track your habits, watch the progress, and manipulate them as per your vision & outcome.

If they are helping then increase the effort & if some are not helping then replace them with new methods but do not quit till you get the results. Try different things but do not lose track.

Mind habits outlined in this blog have a great potential because the mind is a powerful mechanism & it solely has the faculties to change your life completely to a new powerful dimension.

Only practice is the way to develop mind habits, there are no shortcuts. Transforming Mind requires constant effort & it is just a matter of keeping attentive & focused even when things are not going well. Take the challenge & change your life with these mind habits.