Amazing Ways to achieve Solution Oriented Mindset

Solution oriented mindset is the need of the century.

Employers need people that have the potential to provide solutions at a faster pace. Everywhere we go, problems are available & they have grown in quantity because of the high demand for things & a highly growing population.

Higher number of problems need a higher number of solutions & this can only be achieved by creating a Solution Oriented Mindset.

Problems are not just related to career or society. An individual also undergoes problems in his personal life, in fact in every area of his life.

Solution oriented mindset is required for every individual so that he can have a weapon in his hands to crush the constant flow of problems.

Most people find ways to ignore or run away from the problems but the problem will chase them wherever they go.

There can be a short temporary relief by ignoring the problems but the permanent relief can only occur through solution. Instead of ignoring why not develop a skill so that solution comes faster & there will be no stress as the confidence in solving problems gets bigger.

We will now jump into the activities that will help achieve Solution Oriented Mindset :


  1. Look for Solutions
  2. Repeat the Steps
  3. Keep track of solutions
  4. Watch others
  5. Extra Step ahead
  6. Conclusion

Look for Solutions

Mind is a loyal follower & it does follow the instructions given to it by his master. We are the masters but we have forgotten to give the right instructions to the mind.

Unknowingly, we are giving wrong instructions to the mind & mind just follows blindly as per the will of the instructor.

When a problem arises the normal tendency is to complain about the problem.

We are instructing our mind to bring complaints & so does the mind create more thoughts involving the complaining. We can change this by giving a new set of instructions to the mind.

When a problem arises, we should start instructing the mind to look for solutions. As we begin to work our mind to identify the possible solutions, the mind will bring more solutions that will help solve the problem.

Just looking for it brings the attention to it & we start noticing the things that were right in front but we never noticed them before because we never instructed the mind to look for it.

This small shift practiced at the initial stage of the problem will definitely change the mindset & it will give a pointed direction that will make things aligned rather than panic.

Practicing Looking for solutions will sharpen the solution finding skills & as you go expert in this after prolonged practice, solutions will begin to naturally flow from your mind without any hard effort.

Repeat the Steps

Creation of any skill involves certain steps. Repeating those steps sharpens the skills & implants that habit & it becomes second nature. The starting point of any skill consists of certain steps.

For instance, if someone wants to develop the skill of driving then there are certain steps like first the engine has to be started, second the gear has to be positioned then the clutch & acceleration, & so on. It becomes difficult for the new learners but as they repeat steps again & again they become accustomed to it. And after some days everything happens without any conscious effort.

Same principle applies to developing the skill of a Solution Oriented mindset. The steps have to be made ready & they have to be repeated as much as possible.

There are so many techniques available for problem solving & every technique has different steps but the process of developing the skill is the same. It is through conscious repetition of steps that will build the mindset.

There are 3 basic steps for problem solving.

  • Number one is identification of the problem making the problem crystal clear.
  • Number two is finding the list of solutions.
  • Number three is to decide one solution & implement it.

You can certainly find any problem solving technique that fits suitable for you & work on one technique at a time.

By taking massive action & repeating the steps massively will boost your performance 10x. You will be a problem solving machine & there is high demand for solution oriented people rather than the complainers.

Solution oriented mindset person has a shining personality & people love living around someone who helps them with their problems. Your new skill will not only change your own life but it will also benefit people surrounding you.

Keep track of solutions

To develop any skill, tracking the progress is vital because it allows to keep track of the actions taken & helps to increase the actions. A tracker keeps the goal in front of us & it increases the attention towards the goal.

Tracker will demonstrate the progress & will make things clear whether the effort is consistent, or effort is less, or effort is on hold, or effort is expanding.

Keeping the track of solutions means to keep track of the count of solutions worked on every day basis. There should be a specific target set for every day.

You can begin small with a target of solving 4 problems per day. As you work on generating solutions for a single problem, it should be tracked on a paper or any mobile app related to tracking.

The counter will make awareness of whether you are working on your new skill of solution mindset or you are postponing it or you are overcommitting one day & skipping it another day.

Counter will display the results of what you are actually doing on a daily basis. Without a counter your mind will trick you & there are chances that you will stop working on your new skill.

Making a consistent effort is very much needed for succeeding. There is no shortage of problems anywhere, you may be living anywhere, problems are meant to be everywhere. So there is no question of the problems but it is your everyday effort to discover solutions that matters.

Taking Action is the only way to achieve a solution oriented mindset.

Watch others

We are surrounded by few successful people around us & they have a particular pattern through which they respond to the problems.

Their special approach towards the problems makes them stand outside the average.

Other people surrounding him will first reach out to this person if they face any problem.

Watching others how they respond to the problems will help you to understand different facets of problem solving. You can learn from others as this is a very demanding topic & problems are everywhere.

You can learn from unsuccessful people, how not to behave like them & you can learn from successful people how they respond & model their patterns of problem solving.

Watching successful people will help you notice following things :–

  • You will discover the problem solving patterns.
  • You will discover how on an emotional level the person stays calm when a problem occurs.
  • You will find out how quickly, easily & naturally, the successful person generates the solution.
  • You will find out how the hot situation changes instantly by generating a satisfying solution.
  • You will find out how others give up & successful people still manage to craft a solution.
  • You will find out how others struggle to find solutions but the successful person brings solutions with ease.

When you observe these things, it becomes eye opening. It is a live example in front of you. You then have a choice to shift from average to expert.

Becoming Expert will need practice & persistence. As you practice on a daily basis & on the other hand watch other successful people constantly, you will be on your way to creating a Solution Oriented Mindset.

Extra Step ahead

There’s always a better way left to be discovered. When a solution is decided, it doesn’t mean that is the final solution.

The possibilities are endless & to sharpen the solution mindset, the mind has to be further pushed to find more advanced & creative solutions that will make the things more robust. Ability to discover new solution ideas filled with more comfort & ease is the way of successful people.

Moving an extra step ahead will keep you on top of others.

When everyone stops thinking, you can move an extra step ahead & surprise them with more advanced & better solutions.

We are living in a world of innovation & every new creation of ideas from your brain will keep you ahead of the ladder.

When you push your mind to get more ideas, it will undoubtedly work & bring more of the solutions. This has to be done with determination & persistence. Sometimes, you will have to chase longer to find the solution.

Pushing the mind on a conscious level may not bring the solutions immediately. It may happen that you will hit upon a new idea when you wake up or you may have forgotten the whole thing & you are playing with something & the idea pops out in your head.

This is how the mind provides the ideas. And it only provides the ideas to the one who asks for the idea.


Solution oriented mindset is the skill that grows with practice similar to any other skill. This is something special skill & few people consciously choose to develop it in their lifestyle.

It is just a matter of choosing & applying the techniques with a stubborn attitude to make it happen with a massive action plan.

After reading this blog, I hope that you have got the idea of how to develop the solution mindset.

Keep it simple, begin working on it & within a few months of practice you will have a strong mindset that will make you succeed in every area of your life.