Apply these 6 Techniques to Stay always Fit & Healthy

We are living in an era, where diseases are ruling. People are grabbed by the evil named disease & once they are gripped then the disease takes away everything from the person.

Diseased body is the unhealthy body & when the physical body falls ill then life doesn’t remain life, it becomes hell. All areas of life are affected by the entrance of a disease in home.

Staying fit & healthy, keeping the body in high levels of vibration & with a strengthened immune system is one of the key elements for living a good life.

Staying healthy is like a battle that we have to win every day or else the enemies will take over our lives.

Creating health requires effort & discipline, on the other hand creating disease requires nothing. If nothing is done then the disease is waiting outside home to enter the house.

Being healthy is very much everyday practice & it is not something that we do for some time & then stop doing because we have done it before. Just like we need food to eat every day & we cannot eat in advance for the coming days & skip eating for weeks.

Working on health has to be an everyday effort for living a long & healthy life.

There are so many techniques & methods to gain a healthy lifestyle. Here we will share the best techniques that will boost your health to the next level. And this can only happen with prolonged practice & experimenting on your own health.

Table of Contents

  1. Think Good, Feel Good
  2. Everyday Exercise
  3. Change your Breathing
  4. Everyday Meditation
  5. Acupressure
  6. Follow Veg
  7. Conclusion

Think Good, Feel Good

Health is primarily & highly affected by the state of mind of a person.

The thoughts that he thinks at every moment are either generating healthy cells or they are generating disease cells. And this has been proven scientifically recently. Cells in the body change the shapes based on the feelings in the mind.

So the first aspect to work on is the world of thoughts & feelings. We think so many thoughts in a day & we are not even aware of what we are thinking.

We feel many emotions that go unnoticed. But our unawareness towards our thoughts & feelings cannot stop the destruction that undergoes in the cellular system.

Thinking good thoughts is not a difficult thing. Right now you can start thinking of the favorite movie that you watched recently or you can start thinking of the bike that you want to buy or you can think of your favorite food & so on.

We can easily direct our thinking to something that we love. We are not programmed to focus on good things, on the contrary we are programmed to focus on negative things & this is where it becomes difficult.

It may be difficult at first but one who stays on track for a month, it will be easier for him than what we thought.

Here are some of the things to avoid doing so that things can be easier for us.

  • Stop watching Movies, TV Serials, and News that are filled with negative emotions.
  • Stay away from people who always talk negatively about the situation.
  • Stop reading books or articles that are creating bad emotions within you.
  • Stay away from YouTube videos or Unfollow Instagram Pages or any other social media that are spreading negative vibes.
  • Avoid negative conversation about any person or any situation with your friends, spouse, family or colleagues.

Everyday Exercise

The evolving digital world is providing almost everything to us on the doorstep. So many things that require physical activity are erased from our life because we get it at home without having to reach out for it outside the home.

Recent Jobs are more oriented towards sitting in a place for 9 to 12 hours in front of a computer screen. We are getting closer to No movement of body & this is where the diseases begin.

Exercise simply means movement of the body. Movements can be different & they can be intense or mild. But the fundamental of exercising is getting the body to move.

Due to the environmental programming of no movement, it is very much necessary that we take out time every day to perform some kind of body movements that will make the body in active state again.

Exercise helps in releasing the stress that is accumulated in the muscles due to the lack of activity or due to the mental pressure. The body parts like stomach, lungs, throat, face & all other parts are tightened due to the increasing mental pressure.

Body wants to release the stress so that it can feel comfortable again. The tightened muscles release the tightness at the time of doing physical exercises like running, jumping, stretching, etc.

The disease occurs in parts of the body because of the less amount of energy vibration in that part of the body. For example, if energy vibration is less in legs then the person will suffer disease related to legs.

Exercise increases the energy in all parts of the body & the body can feel energized & vital after doing a good amount of physical exercise. The energy vibration has to be maintained & it has to be worked on a consistent basis to keep the body parts in good flow of energy.

Change your Breathing

We not just breathe oxygen, we also breathe energy. There is a life force energy within us that keeps us alive. When we take the breath in, then we take this energy within us along with the oxygen.

This energy cannot be seen with eyes but it is the reason we are alive. When we permanently disconnect from this energy then the death occurs of the physical body.

Breathing is such a vital force & it is the reason for our existence.

When breathing is not used in the correct manner it certainly affects all the areas of life. It is the core component of our inner system. It is attached to every aspect of our living, be it health or, be it success, or be it mental health.

It can become the reason for a healthy, powerful, energetic, successful life or it can also be the reason for an unhealthy, weaker, failure, lazy lifestyle.

Breathing can be done in various ways & every person has created a pattern of breathing for himself. Breathing includes the quantity of breath, time of breath in & out, & how the breath is taken.

When these 3 aspects are in balanced alignment, then the result of it is a healthy body. When breathing is misaligned then the result of it is a diseased body.

We can shape our breath by conscious effort. Pranayama provides the methods to breath in certain patterns so that the breath flows in a perfect alignment within the body.

Breathing in alignment gives our body balanced levels of oxygen that further results in generation of healthy cells.

It is necessary for us to break the old patterns of shallow breathing so that we can create a new pattern of deep breathing.

Replacing the new patterns of breath will be a rebirth because changing the breath will change everything in life.

Changing the breathing has very immediate results & we do not have to wait for too long.

When one does the pranayama, immediately after performing the breathing exercises, the person can sense a new energy flowing within him, he can feel a bit more powerful & his actions are also impacted with boosted performance.

Everyday Meditation

Meditation is not some new concept, it has been there from ancient days. Thousands of centuries ago, people used to meditate & gain inner powers making them tap into the super consciousness.

The ancient spiritual masters whom we consider as gods are the ones who used to meditate deeply. Our scriptures also talk about using meditation as a way to connect with the god within.

Meditation is the method of alertness towards the mind.

In this process of awareness, the thoughts lessen in the mind. As we begin to focus on our mind through meditation, we are turning our attention from the outside world to the inner world.

Bringing attention to the thoughts breaks the unconscious pattern of thinking thoughts & in turn it results in less number of thoughts. Meditation acts like a torch light focusing towards the darkness of mind. As we turn on the light, the thoughts disappear because in reality, the thoughts are not there, they are the false illusions of mind.

Lessing the thoughts will calm down our entire system.

Diminishing thoughts will result in relaxation of all the parts of the body. It will feel like the tension is being released because the tension was produced due to the thoughts. Without thoughts the tension cannot be.

Less thoughts means the thoughts that were troubling us are fading away. The anger, hatred, violence & all other negative emotions will also fade away. And this will naturally calm down the mind.

Meditation will help remove the negative energies that have previously made home within us. This will bring a new rejuvenated energy flow within us resulting in wiping out the accumulated diseases in the physical & astral body.

In the highly charged energetic environment, the diseases cannot stay for a long time. Diseases indeed occur due to the less amount of energy in the body parts because of the heavy traffic of the thoughts in the mind.


Acupressure is a technique to put the pressure on certain points on hands or legs. The pressure can be given by pressing the points with the opposite hand or using some pointed object to give the pressure.

There are also advanced techniques for acupressure but the simple one is to use your own hands for putting the pressure so that it can be done at any time without a need for any equipment.

If we watch our body in our daily routine, we can find out that our body parts get tightened. There is a certain tightening when the emotional state of mind is negative.

If anger occurs, it will tighten the hands as if we want to hit someone & release the pressure accumulated in the hands. The tightening can be seen in different parts of the body & it differs from person to person.

The tension in the muscles begins the damage of that particular body part & this is the beginning of the disease. After a long time, the body part will show some signs of malfunctioning.

Tension in the mind affects the body parts in subtle ways, we are not aware of these effects but if someone observes the body then he can clearly see the changes happening.

Acupressure helps in releasing the tension accumulated in body parts. This causes the body parts to relax & release the tightening of muscles.

Acupressure is a simple tool that can be used at any time. The best way to use it is to put the pressure on the tip of the fingers with the opposite hand.

You can also choose a specific point if you have any particular disease in any part of the body like eyes, stomach, heart, liver, lungs, etc. Every body part has a predetermined point on hands & on legs.

Here are some situations where you must use Acupressure :

  • When you are in an angry state of mind.
  • When you are feeling sad & depressed.
  • When you are feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed.
  • When you are in a hurry state of mind.
  • When you are in a panic due to any reason.
  • When you are disturbed due to any reason.
  • When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts.
  • When you are in a fearful state of mind.
  • When you find yourself in tension.
  • When you are at work.

Follow Veg

Vegetarian diet is the best diet.

Existence does not speak any verbal language & it has not provided any Manual for life regarding what to eat & what not to eat. Existence has given us fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts all around us & all these things are meant to be food for humans.

Things that we can eat are pre-planned by the creator of the universe & when we follow the existence then we are in alignment with the existence.

Non-vegetarian food was never meant as a food for humans.

No human can survive eating only non-veg all the time because it is not the food that existence has prepared for us. But killing animals & eating the meat has been the recent trend which no one is willing to quit.

Breaking the existential flow of nature has its own effects & existence can neither speak out about the reverse effects. This effect comes in the form of some kind of disease in the physical body because the body is occupied with food that was never meant to be food.

No religion teaches killing but on the contrary it teaches love, peace, kindness, compassion, and harmony.

On the other hand, killing can never be accepted as a good act. Killing animals may be legal as per the law but it is no different than killing a human.

When a human is killed by another human, he will be punished. When an animal is killed by humans for fulfilling their sensory pleasures, there is no punishment as per the law but the existence punishes in its own ways.

Food not only affects the physical body but also it has its effects on the mental state of mind. When we consume natural vegetarian food it not only maintains our physical health but also enhances the state of mind.

We can easily experience this usually, that when the body is troubled, the mind also gets disturbed at the same time, this further results in emotional feelings being affected & this is how our overall life can get impacted by the food we eat.


Keeping the body in a healthy state has not only become a necessity but it has become the factor for survival. If we lose health, we can lose life because diseases are spreading rapidly everywhere. If we ignore health, the disease is ready out there to knock us down.

Diseases are searching for the weaker bodies so that they can enter it easily. They cannot enter the bodies having a powerful inner system, they will fail to enter such healthy bodies.

On a daily basis, a time slot has to be planned specifically to work on our health. Health has to be worked on consistently on an everyday basis & convert them into a routine habit similar to brushing, bathing, eating, sleeping.

Physical exercises need a certain specific time slot because we cannot do the physical exercises the whole day. But we can work on other aspects of health related to mind, breathing and feelings for more time as compared to physical exercises.

You can experiment on the techniques mentioned in this blog, by working on them for at least 21 days regularly. And you will certainly start seeing some amazing results in your life.

Then you will have the confidence & experience of having your health shaped by your own hands.