Turn the Problems into Projects

Problems are everywhere, they are surrounding us all the time.

In every area of our life, in everything we do, and anywhere we go, problems will show their face in unexpected ways.

We have problems in our routine life, we have problems with our health, wealth, and relationships. There isn’t any day in which the problem was not there.

If the problem is going to be there then why not take advantage of it. No one can escape the problems, the best way to deal with problems is to turn them into projects.

Successful people see the positive aspect & they use the problems as an opportunity to climb ladders of growth.

Our many problems are already solved & we are not aware of them.

The light bulb that we use, evolved out of the problem of darkness. The vehicles, trains, airplanes evolved because of the problem of traveling slower.

Refrigerators, ACs, washing machines, water purifiers & everything that you can see around you are the result of someone’s effort of turning the problem into a project that further resulted in products.

Projects are the build-in frameworks that involve steps for the resolution of the problem in the best possible way. Clever people analyze people’s problems & they work on satisfying solutions by creating products.

People buy these products in huge quantities because they are getting a resolution & they are paying for the value they receive.

We will now look into certain aspects that will help you to turn the problems into projects.

Table of Contents

  1. Think & Generate Ideas
  2. Look at bigger picture, Imagine the Possibilities
  3. Solve better than available Solutions
  4. Create Processes & New Frameworks
  5. Project is a Pro Approach
  6. Business around Problems
  7. Conclusion

Think & Generate Ideas

It is true that one small idea can change life. Idea is a “way out” of the problem. We can see some people do everything they can to solve the problem, but there is no progress, the problem still remains the problem.

On the other hand, another person comes in & identifies a small idea & instantly like a light bulb spreading the light, the solution sprouts out of the problem.

First step towards turning the problem into projects is the generation of ideas.

Just as some destination is needed for the journey to begin. Similarly, ideas are needed for its execution.

Idea is the starting point of the journey & without it, there is no progress. If there is no destination then there cannot be any journey.

Idea is something that we haven’t thought of before, it is a new dimension for exploration. This is not just the first step but also a smart step towards resolution because most people never explore new ideas for problem solving.

In this step, we take time to think & generate new ideas for the resolution of a problem. There is no need for any hurry here. Take days or weeks to contemplate on a problem & figure out new ideas for execution.

When we chase anything for long, it finally gets caught in our hands at some time or another.

Chasing stubbornly to find the idea will result in popping out a new idea in your head from nowhere in unexpected times. You might be playing or eating or even sleeping & suddenly the idea will magically show its face in your mind.

Look at bigger picture, Imagine the Possibilities

A small seed has the potential hidden within it to manifest into a big tree.

When the seed was very small, it was difficult to predict its larger possibilities.

Ignorance towards the small seed will result in missing a huge opportunity. Throwing the seed away causes it to die & then there cannot be any growth, there cannot be any fruits and flowers, there cannot be greenery and shadows.

Few people program their vision to expand beyond the average thinking. They think very differently, they think about the bigger picture, they have their eyes focused on the hidden possibilities.

This is what makes them stand out from the average mentality. This is what makes them have freedom in life because they are not stuck in the average life of struggles.

No one teaches us to think big, so we tend to settle with our ordinary vision. People surrounding us are no different, our parents, friends, colleagues, bosses, teachers are all programmed for an ordinary vision.

They won’t accept anything beyond the usual. This has been going on for centuries so no one can be blamed.

The result of an ordinary vision is :

  • Ordinary life full of chaos & repent
  • Everyday struggle with the work
  • Getting a feeling of being stuck similar to a lifetime punishment
  • Finding no way out
  • Forcefully doing the things that you never love to do
  • Settling for the least
  • Continuous Un-satisfaction in mind
  • Depression, anxieties, diseases
  • Frustration in small things
  • Getting angry, every now & then

Begin a new programming in your mind of imagining the best & biggest possible outcome hidden in every problem. No one can stop us from thinking big because setting perspective is an individual approach.

Others may try to break the bigger vision by creating doubts & that is the usual way of ordinary mindset. Ignore the negatives of the world surrounding you & break free yourself from the ordinary vision.

Solve better than available Solutions

There was a time when bullock carts were used as a traveling tool. There was no other faster mechanism discovered, so the people used to settle with what they already have.

But then someone thought of providing solutions than what was available & now no one uses bullock carts except few people in villages. We have now bikes, cars, buses, and trains as far better solutions for the similar problem of transportation.

People need faster & more comfortable solutions. They will buy the solution that is more comforting & satisfying and will solve their trouble in a convenient way. We can see around us products that we used to buy years ago are replaced with new products.

Life is getting more comfortable and many problems are easily diminished with the evolution of the digital world. It’s all different now than it used to be before.

Create a mindset of always finding a better solution than available.

This applies to all the problems including our personal life problems. There is always a better way yet to be explored for everything.

The possibilities for new solutions are unlimited, & we can tap into new solutions by merely focusing our attention on discovering new solutions. Working our mind to find something better will program the mind to see the hidden opportunities.

One of the ways of improving solutions is to find the hurdles in the already available solution. Then create a new solution that will cover all the identified hurdles.

Solution needs to be getting updated similarly to the updates of any Mobile App. With the new version of App, we can see new features & the bug fixes of the previous version.

Create Processes & New Frameworks

Every project has some kind of structure, it involves many steps, processes, time limits, and other relevant factors. Project is a very well planned, brainstormed, decisive structure that is created for the fulfillment of some problem. Project involves deep thinking about the problem & then further the thinking is directed towards the creation of the solution steps.

Turning the problems into projects involves creation of a structured set of steps. When someone follows these steps, his problem will be resolved. Every step has to be carefully planned & has to be directed towards the solution.

It is just like someone wants to reach a destination far away. He will plan all the specific things. He will do step to step structured planning to reach the destination.

Creating new frameworks will take time because every aspect has to be deeply thought through. The problem has to be looked into the deepest possible way so that the solution can include every part of the problem & nothing remains unsolved.

New frameworks are worth investing the time because they can help other people & they can be sold to the people needing the resolution.

Shifting our default behavior from ignoring the problems to building new frameworks will be a life changing experience.

It will require effort, experiments, deep thinking, consistency, and hard work but this is worth doing because this is what all successful do. They discover new frameworks, systems, processes & then they sell them at huge prices. People buy from them because they receive value & solution, as a return for their invested money.

Project is a Pro Approach

The one thing that differentiates the successful men from unsuccessful is the response they choose towards the problem. How one responds to the situation, matters the most.

Every person responds differently, the response can either lead to creative construction or it may lead to destruction. People face similar situations but the response to the situation differs from person to person.

Project is a response of the Pro towards the problem. Unlike others, he takes the challenge to use the problem as a stepping stone. He directs his mindset from getting disturbed by the problem to create something new out of the problem.

Pro confronts the problem with a positive mindset, looking for advantages in difficulties.

Project means a creatively designed solution for the problem. Creative design requires work, effort & consistency so only few Pro’s bother to craft a design & develop it into a framework.

Others give up on the problems because they want to escape from the effort. They find shortcuts & temporary reliefs but that doesn’t solve the problem.

Anyone can develop the mindset of Pro by focusing on building projects instead of cursing the problems. Choosing the positive bright side of a situation, one can use it for the sharpening of his skills. Then every new problem will be an opportunity to play our hands to exercise the skill.

Only persistence is the way to develop any skill. The more projects you craft, the more well your skill will strengthen.

Business around Problems

Problem solving is a powerful skill that will not only help in personal or career life but also it can help other people. If you can solve a problem for yourself then you can create a product out of it & further create business around it.

Your solution can be packed as a product & you can be rewarded for your efforts on discovering & distributing the solution to other people.

For instance, one person is fat with overweight & overeating habits. He works on his own health by experimenting, committing, trying different things, failing & then finally succeeding.

He achieves his goal of weight loss, he solves his own problem by working on himself. Now this person can create a product of weight loss & help others also lose their weights. He can guide others to follow his framework that has been effective in his own life.

Every person has his own expertise in specific areas. We have solved many problems in our own lives. We need not keep these solutions with ourselves, we can distribute them to other people who are in need of the solution.

Creating business around problems will open the doors of freedom in your life. If you can create your own products & sell them, then there are going to be extra sources of passive income.

We usually get motivated to work only if there is any monetary reward at the end of work. If there is no reward then there is no motivation, we tend to ignore the whole thing.

Creating a business out of problems will give a tremendous motivation because you are not just expecting money in return but you are also helping others to solve their problems.


We have looked into various aspects for turning the problem into a project. Contemplating on these points, giving a practical implementation & tracking the progress will bring some kind of new results in your life.

Exploring new things in life indirectly replaces the old things that were not working. For things to work out, we have to change the actions by giving them a certain direction.

When the actions are planned by giving a conscious thought to them, they bring the fruits of results in a stable manner. On the other hand, Unplanned actions are of an unstable mind, & they mostly lead to failures.

To turn failures into successes, we have to turn the problems into projects. And project means nothing but a planned, structured, designed, and organized action plan.

Begin your new projects by identifying the problems you enjoy solving the most. Begin with topics that you love doing, so there remain no chances of quitting.

Staying on track with consistency is the mandatory component for shining the sun of success in your life.