How to Implant a Habit on the Mind

Every person lives with a bunch of habits formed by his own hands.

These habits determine his success & failure, happiness & sadness, health & disease, braveness & weakness.

Habits are the reason for the life we are living. Life can be full of struggles or life can be filled with joy & satisfaction, and all these depend on the habits that we have formed in our lives.

Habit is something we do naturally, without giving any conscious thought to it.

There is always a starting point of a habit, this is the time from where the habit starts forming in the subconscious mind.

Habit doesn’t enter our lives instantly but they are formed by repetition of certain steps for a longer period of time.

Repetition makes the habits stronger everyday & stronger they become, more difficult is to break them. So it is very important to know what are our existing habits & how to replace them, if they are creating troubles in life.

Replacing a habit probably looks like a difficult task & people give up very early only because they do not know the nature & working of habits.

Small steps on a daily basis followed by the right steps with consistency can easily wipe out any bad habit.

We will look into all the pieces that will help in implanting a habit in mind. Then the habit can become a routine & it will start implementing itself automatically.

Table of Contents

  1. Decide
  2. Search for Habits
  3. Choose a Habit
  4. Habit should be Patterned
  5. Select a Time
  6. Repeat Every day
  7. Conclusion


To begin a new journey requires the destination to be pre-planned. Without any destination, the person reaches nowhere & he gets a feeling of being lost.

If there is no destination then there is confusion, irritation & disappointment. This simple act of deciding has a very crucial impact on the success factor.

Getting clear about what you want is called deciding your goals.

And this cannot be done by anyone else. As no one can breathe for you or no one can walk for you, you have to use your own legs to walk to your desired place.

If someone suggests you something, it will be as per their wish because they have no idea about what is going on in your inner mind.

If you will not decide by yourself, then someone else will force their decisions on you.

If you will not plan your own goals then society will make you walk on someone else’s goal.

Then life becomes a prison because you will be working to fulfill someone else’s dream.

You will have no interest left in living & this is only because you haven’t discovered your own goals, you haven’t jumped into your inner dimensions & listened to your heart.

Search for Habits

Smart people use a smart approach towards anything they deal with.

When it comes to Habit, there are many successful people out there & many are long gone before but they have recorded their life stories in the form of books or through any other medium.

So there are readily available habits that can be found & used instantly rather than using our own brain & discovering something that was already there.

This can save a lot of time because a person can battle with his own ideas & he can battle with the questions struggling to find answers which are already available somewhere at some place.

Because we are facing problems that are not new, they were there in the ancient days & someone has already invested their life time & discovered some solutions which can save a huge amount of our time.

These habits of successful people have less chance of failing because they have done some magic in the lives of successful people. These habits have helped the successful people become successful.

So the habits have been tested & experienced by someone beforehand. This will immensely help because all the effort has already been done, we just have to turn the light on & there is no need to learn about electricity in depth.

We have to only use what is available & gifted to us by our ancestors.

Searching for the best habits can be life changing & life can be easy without any complexities & confusions. Habits are out there, we just have to find them.

They are there in some corner, we will have to open our eyes to see them. They might be somewhere very near, we haven’t seen yet. Our eyes never saw them, they might have been in front of us.

Some books, some articles, some videos, some libraries, and some blogs can be life changing.

Choose a Habit

In the first step, we have decided what we want. After deciding, in the second step, we have searched for the best habits that we want to implant in our subconscious mind.

Now it’s time to choose particular habits that will fit in our daily routine.

It is always good to start small.

Just as we plant seed & it grows very slowly, we also have to move very slowly towards the growth of our new habit.
This is a crucial point to remember because the success or failure depends on the mindset at this initial stage.

Here one thing is very important to note & that one thing is to choose less habits at initial stage. It can happen that the mind demands to do so many habits because it is always excited in the beginning.

Deciding too many habits will lead to the feeling of chaos in mind. This finally results in quitting the whole project because everything will look overwhelming.

It is just like a boy, newly going to gym & starts doing everything. He wants to do everything in the first few days as he can see so many people around him doing so many beautiful exercises but this boy will sooner quit the gym because this is not the way to start things.

Habit should be Patterned

Habit is a set of patterns & it has steps. One step follows another & then another & this gets repeated in loop like a song playing in the music player with repeat mode on.

Just like learning to drive a bike, there are steps involved. First step is to turn the engine on, next step is to hold the clutch, next step is to put the gear, next step is to give throttle & at the same time also release the clutch, then next step is to accelerate & so on.

Repeating these steps over & over again results in a habit of driving & it gets implanted in mind.

When working on a new habit, this pattern of habit has to be made clear. If steps of habit are not clear then habit will not be formed.

Mind requires steps so that it can follow it.

Mind is a loyal follower, it listens when clear steps are given to it or otherwise it gets confused if it doesn’t receive proper directions.

Clarity is the work of intelligence whereas the mind just follows & it has no intelligence of its own. It is like a computer, it will work based on clear instructions given to it & if instructions are not clear then it will fail to follow.

Decide the habit patterns properly so that habit can be implanted on the mind with ease & clarity.

Select a Time

To develop a habit requires practice to be done, performing the steps of habits.

Practice is the only way to develop habits & the more practice, the stronger the habit will be.

Without practice or with less amounts of practice, habit will not become habit, it will be just on the surface. Then there will be no scope for becoming professional.

If we see into the daily routine of the champions, we will find out that they do the practice in large amounts. Their practice touches the extreme levels & that’s why they become champions.

To do the Practice requires time and to arrange time requires planning beforehand.

In this step, we have to select a predetermined time to practice the habit along with the number of minutes we will invest every day for this habit.

We have to take care that in this time, we only concentrate on this particular single habit & there are no other distractions.

Example – I will practice the habit of going to the gym from 07:00 Am to 08:00 Am for 6 days a week.

Repeat Every day

Repetition is the key to implant a habit in your mind.

It may be a good habit or it may be a bad habit, when the habit is developed then it means there was repetition behind it.

Some sets of activities repeated many times become a habit after some days. Every new set of repetition strengthens the habit & makes it more rock solid & unbreakable.

The habit that you have chosen to develop should be repeated every day without break.

Breaking the activity in between for some days will cause the habit of breaking to develop. This breaking can also become a habit, so when you will start with a new habit, this breaking habit will flow naturally because it was done in the case of previous habits.

To stay on track everyday needs a disciplined mind because the mind has a nature of changing. It frequently changes its decision & it may convince you to give up very soon telling you some reason or another.

Disciplined mind is something different, it doesn’t change every now & then. It remains still like an unmoving flame of candle.


Following the steps mentioned in this blog, you can easily implant a new habit in your mind.

It requires a smart approach & a consistent effort to develop a habit.

Developing a good habit is crucial to success. All successful people have many good habits. They have created these habits by persistence & commitment.

The growth of a new habit is just like the growth of a new tree. It is very slow & it takes time to bring flowers.

At the initial stage, nothing seems to be changing, small efforts on a daily basis doesn’t look appealing but in the long run they are creating an invisible pathway towards the goal.

Remember, if we don’t create good habits then bad habits will be developed unconsciously.

If we don’t plant a garden then there will be weeds. To plant a garden needs planning, time management & discipline.

And these will require effort & if one is not ready to do the effort then nothing changes, everything will remain the same, life will be full of weeds.

It’s never too late, one can begin at any time. Begin a new journey by taking the control in your own hands.

Begin to implant new habits in your daily routine so that a new mindset will be born & this will wipe out all the weeds of negativity from your life.