Spiritual Goals for Inner Awakening

In our life, we are mostly clear about our material goals. We are mostly focused on something physical like a new house, new car, money, salary increment, perfect weight, disease free life and so on. There is a clarity in the material goals.

Spiritual goals are always kept for the future & things are not that clear. The clarity of what should be achieved is not thought about. When there is no clarity then there cannot be any success.

In this blog, we will focus on exact clear spiritual goals. We will look into various aspects of the spiritual awakening. We will get clarity & a destination so that the inner journey can begin with no confusion.

When the road map is determined then the half of the journey is already achieved.

A simple step of getting things clear has a huge impact in any field. Commonly, people are used to doing things without knowing why they are doing & where they are heading to.

It is just like taking the car out without any destination & roadmap. Where will the car reach? Nowhere it will reach because there is no clarity about the endpoint.

We will now look into the spiritual goals examples one by one :-

Table of Contents

  1. Less Thoughts
  2. Entering the Silence
  3. Increase Awareness to Present Moment
  4. Purity in Thoughts
  5. Cleaning your Chakras
  6. Out of Body Experience

Less Thoughts

When we see any living person, it is assured that he is thinking some kind of thoughts in his head at any given time.

The person may be walking, he may be sleeping, he may be working, he may be playing or he may be cooking or travelling, one thing is definite that he has thoughts going on in his head.

Every second, the thoughts impulses are pulsating in the mind like a current.

Thoughts are affecting something within us, they are the fundamental reason for all the sorrows & stresses.

Thoughts cannot be seen, they can only be experienced because they are connected to the spiritual world. Working on these thoughts is the primary spiritual goal in all the religions, all over the world.

To clearly define this goal, we will have to begin with lessening our thoughts. More the thoughts, more the stress. Less the thoughts, less the stress & No-thoughts means inner awakening.

Thoughts are the illusions meaning they seem to be there but in reality they are not. We will have to walk our way to reality breaking the evil illusions of the mind starting with reducing the thoughts & keeping calm so that the inner system can settle down & relax.

Entering the Silence

Our core nature is silence. Everything arises from silence & everything submerges into silence. When we were not born, there was silence. When we die, there will be silence. We have entered this space of noise out of silence & we will leave this space into silence.

Our default nature is not talking. No one can talk 24 hours continuously. Talking is a tool that we use for communication with others. It is just like a vehicle, when we want to travel we take out our vehicle & when travelling is done, we keep it aside.

Silence is by default available for everyone, it can only be seen when we choose to look into it.

We have chosen talking & we are so involved & addicted to talking that it seems not possible to be silent for a few moments. Even if no one is around us, we start talking with ourselves.

Entering the silence means returning to our source.

It means falling back from where we came from. It is rediscovering our true nature. Enter the silence by reversing the talking process.

Keep quiet for some time & enter the silence within so that you can enter a completely new dimension.

Increase Awareness to Present Moment

Every human being lives in his own world. He creates a new world in his mind that doesn’t exist in reality. And this world is different from person to person.

So there are countless numbers of different illusionary worlds being created in the minds of people.

We dominantly live most of the time in the mind. We are rarely aware of the things going on around us. We are completely focused & involved in coloring the dreams within the mind all the time.

Just as someone closes all the doors of his room & shuts down all his connection with the outer world. He will live in darkness for countless times to come because he himself has preferred to do so. The sunshine is available all around him but he will not be able to bathe with the sun rays.

Our clear goal here is to disconnect ourselves from the mind & we do this by changing our focus to the present moment. This is also called meditation.

There are so many Meditations available & one of the most popular is watching the breath. Breath is going on in this present moment, when the focus is centered on the breath then automatically the mind is sided and out focused.

Purity in Thoughts

Purification is something that everyone wants. Even when our house or our vehicle gets dirty, we clean it completely. After cleaning everything feels good & nice.

No one wants to keep things unpurified, only concern is taking action & doing the work of purification.

Our inner being also becomes unpurified because of the negative thoughts accompanied by negative feelings.

There are so many types of negative feelings & they all make things unstable within our mind. We may clean our house or not, it will matter less, it is vital that we take a look at our inner mind first & begin the purification process.

Purification begins with the thoughts of gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, love, understanding, appreciation, giving, positivity, happiness, joy & thankfulness.

Purification is an inner bath that is utmost needed to wash away all the past deeds so that there will be a new freshness, new fragrance, a new vibe & a new life.

Cleaning your Chakras

By reaching the deeper states of mind, the spiritual scientist has discovered that the pains you are going through are not physical. They appear to be physical but they have their roots in the past karmas.

Some people may be diseased, another person may be having a bad relationship, and some another may have mental disorders. All these things appear physical but they originate from the past & these are accumulated in the chakras.

So changing the physical doesn’t help very much. It only gives temporary help for some time but then the issue re-appears from nowhere again.

We will have to work on the root cause to find a permanent solution. The root is in the 7 chakras & past negative deeds are accumulated in chakras & they are the cause of your painful life.

Even the chakras can now be seen through certain kinds of photography. The color of the chakras become black when the energy is negative, they also shrink in size. And this is the root of the sorrows.

Work has to be done on chakras to bring changes in life.

Changing the outer physical does not change the chakras but changing the chakras changes the physical reality miraculously.

Out of Body Experience

When death happens then we destroy the physical body. There is something in this physical body that does not die & it unknowingly disconnects itself from the physical body & the death happens.

All our life, we take care of this body. We do everything for this body. We decorate it, we give it good food, and we give sleep & rest to it though at the end of our life we realize that we are not this physical body because the body is taken away from us.

We can work on getting the out of body experience so that we can attain to the truth of life that we are not the body.

This experience will change everything as we are detaching ourselves from the body. All the sorrows of life are related to this body. Once we see that we are not the physical body then there is a new perception & a new vision that cannot be explained in words.

There are many people that have experienced near death occurrences. They have seen their bodies as different from them. They have seen their body lying down below
& they can see all the people surrounding the body./p>

They can see that they have not died, they are alive even without the physical body. Then they somehow miraculously come back into the body.

This can be done when we are alive too. There is no need to wait for a near death experience. Out of body experience is possible & it uncovers many secrets of life & gives a completely new vision to live.


The main purpose of life is spiritual growth. We have come here on planet earth to learn some lessons so that we can move ahead to the peak of spirituality. We are here to clean all the dust that is accumulated in our inner bodies & moving to the higher dimension.

Now you have got the clarity about what exactly has to be done for spiritual advancement. You have got the roadmap now to reach the final destination where few people dare to reach. You have the golden keys in your hand to unlock the secrets of life.

After reading this blog, Next step is to plan out the things, allocate time for every goal & then remain consistent for longer periods to come. Take planned action towards your goals so that there is clarity & no chaos.

Once you move ahead towards your spiritual goals, there will begin awakening within you. This inner shift will bring a new light in your life & every incident in your life will take a new direction of peace, harmony & bliss.