2 Good habits that you can follow in the morning

Great people have great habits. They follow a set of habits & make it a discipline to remain consistent. Their morning is filled with training for their future best version. They use the optimum use of time & they invest the time only in things that take them closer to their goals. With the help of repetition they develop an unbreakable chain of positive habits.

These habits work like magic for them & gives them the strength that others won’t possess because others are busy in entertainment & celebration. Others are sleeping in the early morning whereas the successful ones are busy training their mindset for success.

When there is less time & we have to choose few among the habits then it is important that we choose the best one. Few habits can also bring a lasting change in life because it is not about the quantity of habits, it is about the quality of habits that matters.

We work as a mind & body system provided to us in the form of the human body. Both these aspects should be taken care & developed at the peak levels for the real growth in life. Mind & body both are interrelated, when one is suffering then the other also has its impact on another.

Following are the best habits that cover both these aspects & anyone can follow them in the morning.


Meditation is not something new, it has been used by our ancestor’s long time. Importance of meditation remains the same as it was in the ancient days.

People in the old days used to meditate to reach higher states of mind. They used to meditate to reach the immortal within. And there were many miracles witnessed that occurred due to the powers of the inner mind.

Meditation connects us to the inner source. We live in the outer world but we indeed are from the inner world. We have come into this world from the door of the inner world. We have entered this material reality for sometime then we will return back to where we came from.

The inner source is full of mysteries & it is also full of powers. Meditation is the tool through which we dive into the inner source.

Meditation has its benefits on the physical body also. When a person sits in a posture meditating for longer periods of time his body charges like a mobile battery connected to a charger. Because of no movement the energy gets accumulated & the breathing also becomes naturally deep. This brings a feeling of rejuvenation & vitality.

There are so many meditations available on the internet. The best & the simplest one is the Vipassana meditation by Gautam Buddha. Watching the breath coming in & watching the breath going out.

Focusing completely on the breath is very simple & it also doesn’t require any outside prop. Breathing is available 24 hours & one can anytime choose to watch the breath.

Physical Exercise

Life is moving towards the era of less physical activity. Due to the advancement of technology, physical activity has been reduced with great numbers. As a result of this, diseases have taken over humanity.

People are dissolving themselves into mobiles, laptops, TVs. This is making their body chemistry change completely. Their breathing is getting shallower, their immune system is getting weakened, their stamina is reducing day by day, their hairs are turning white at an early age, their body parts are showing malfunctioning.

Physical exercise is very much needed for younger as well as elder ones. Keeping the body in a healthy condition is completely a personal choice & it is more related to the effort & every day dedication.

The healthy body is an unseen heaven whereas an unhealthy body is pure hell. We recognize the pains of the diseases but we need to appreciate the pleasures of a healthy body.

30 minutes to 1 hour a day is enough to keep the body active & alive. Exercise shakes the whole body & it also releases the stress accumulated in the muscles. It boosts the blood within the body, it makes the body parts flexible, it increases the breathing rate & allows the body to breathe deeply. It provides the body with optimum needed oxygen so that diseases cannot enter within. Diseases can only enter the body when the body has shortage of oxygen.

Physical exercise also impacts the mind, it renews the mind. It brings a state of jubilation. And once the mind feels good then life feels good. Due to the release of all the tensions in the body parts, there is a relaxation within the body parts & this causes the mind to rejoice.

Happy state of mind changes the reaction towards any situation that comes up. Mind reacts differently when it is relaxed & it reacts differently when it is irritated.


There are many other good habits to follow but the habits listed above are the most important ones. These habits can be seen in the routine life of almost every successful person.

Everyone wants to shift to a new version of themselves & it is only possible by developing new habits. When the old habits are not bringing any change in life then it is time to experiment on new habits. It is a clever move to copy the habits of people who are already successful.

Take out sometime every day to practice these 2 habits & changes are definitely going to sprout in your life. Investing time today in good habits is the best investment ever. Begin to do the things that help you move towards a major change in your life & this can happen with the help of habits.