Why should children follow good habits

Every child is unconsciously programming some habits in his routine life. His mind is building patterns that will create a cycle of habit.

Once the habits are built, it is difficult to break the habit. So it is very much important to observe & take an initiative in building a good pattern of habits right from childhood because once the habits are soaked in the subconscious mind they become unbreakable.

Table of Contents

  1. Fresh Mind
  2. Bad Habits
  3. Success depends on habits

Fresh Mind

When a new baby is born his mind is clean & clear. It is like an open sky without any clouds. It is like a blank paper, nothing has been written on it.

In childhood, the mind is naturally free from all the stress & tensions of the society. It is not burdened from the past miseries or future calamities. Children live in the present moment, they live joyfully & their state of mind is very much different from the grown up man.

In this fresh state of mind, it is important that a child undergoes a good set of habits. Whatever is taught to him, he will receive it without any reasoning faculties. His subconscious mind will simply accept everything in his surroundings. It will soak up all the activities in his surrounding, it will listen to whatever is being said to him.

Fresh mind is more receptive than an average mind. That is why children learn more quickly than the elders.

On the contrary, the elders start forgetting the things they have learnt & this is because of the heavy traffic of thoughts in the mind. The mind of elders is full of thoughts, it is full of clouds covering the entire sky. Elders feel tired very quickly, the children are energetic & vibrant.

Bad habits

It takes effort to form the good habits & on the other hand the bad habits form without much effort. Just like climbing a mountain requires effort & sloping down the mountain is easy.

So when good habits are not forced in the lifestyle of a child, bad habits will dominate. It is just like light & darkness, when there is lack of light of good habits the darkness of bad habits spreads around.

Few people pay attention & put an effort into developing good habits for their children. And most people fail to invest their time & energy on good habits, they ignore & they take it for granted. The result of this is the natural growth of bad habits among their children.

Child is innocent, he comes into this world with a helpless state of mind. He cannot see what is good for him & what is bad. He simply follows what he sees & hears around.

It is necessary that good habits are designed & they are properly taught to the children & most importantly the parents should also follow the good habits for themselves because the child will follow what he sees around.

When the good habits are inculcated in the routine then there will be no space for the bad habits. Only one habit can function at a time, there cannot be good & bad at the same time. Either it will be a good habit or else it will be a bad habit.

Success depends on habits

Every successful person that happened on this planet was the result of good habits. Success cannot be without good habits.

For some successful people, they managed to develop their own good habits because their childhood was not great, indeed it was worse. But they took charge of the habits in their own hands, they molded & turned around the bad habits into good habits.

Successful people understand the value of habits & they use their time in the right direction. They do not allow the habits to control them but they design their own success habits by their own persistent effort. This also proves that changing the habit is absolutely possible, it may be any habit.

When the child is trained for success habits in his early days then there cannot be anything great other than this thing.

Once a child is programmed for success, he will succeed in whatever he puts his hand into. He will develop confidence from his early childhood days & this will become unbreakable confidence. His life will be shifted far above the average man because of the golden habits implanted in his mind.


Habits affect the health, wealth, relationship, career, social life, mindset and all other areas of life.

Either habits can enrich the quality of living or it will take away everything so it is essential to follow good habits right from childhood.

Children should make their roots strong so that their tree of success can stand still in any situation.