9 Good Habits to Build in 2023

It’s New Year time. It’s a high time for a brand new beginning. The old should be forgotten because there is excitement standing outside the door of the New Year.

All the Things have a beginning, things begin sometime or another, we wait for some special event for a new beginning. And this is a special time as we will be entering yet another New Year.

New is exciting, new is unknown, new is unpredictable, new has a hope of stars, new is fun so let’s take advantage of this time & not letting this shining opportunity miss. Once it is missed then the whole year can go as waste. If it is used wisely, it can be transformational & a new life can sprout out of this year.

We are listing out some good habits that will have a major impact on your life.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Up Early
  2. Listen to Audiobooks
  3. Gym & Physical Activity
  4. Breathing Exercises
  5. Gratitude
  6. Meditation
  7. Reading
  8. Plan your Day, Plan your Time
  9. Learn something new every day

Getting Up Early

It is obvious that Sleep is necessary for everyone, no one can live without sleeping. But is over sleeping needed?

Sleeping is like charging the battery of a mobile phone. If the battery is fully charged, does it require more charging? Obviously the answer is No but we can keep the charger connected to mobile even when the battery is full.

We sleep more than what is required for our body. This has various dis-advantages mentally & physically. On the other hand, Getting up early has wonderful advantages.

Here are the advantages of Getting up Early.

  • You will be living more than others.
  • You will get extra time to work on your dreams.
  • You will not be distracted in the early morning because all others are sleeping.
  • You will feel good the rest of the day because you have started your day by working on your dream.
  • You will feel the silence everywhere because all the TV sounds, Vehicle sounds, Children playing sounds, Quarrelling sounds, and Speaker sounds are not available in the early morning.
  • Your mind will accumulate freshness in the early morning.
  • You can develop a skill with these extra hours that can give you prosperity & success in future.
  • You can work out or go for a walk & keep your body fit & healthy always.

Making a habit to wake up at 05:00 AM is the golden key to unlock the door of success.

This can be challenging but if one dares to move ahead & do it for 14 to 21 days then the habit will automatically enter into your lifestyle.

Listen to Audiobooks

We see more than we listen. We use our eyes more than our ears.

Ears are a symbol of alertness, one who listens is alert. Eyes are a symbol of sleep, one falls in an imaginary dreamland through eyes which don’t exist.

Listening is important. Scriptures have been telling us to listen & listening has been given a great importance. Enlightened masters are seen sitting with closed eyes, they close the gate of their eyes & simultaneously open the gate of the ears.

What you Listen to is also crucial because there are millions of audios out there. Choose motivational, inspirational, encouraging, positive, uplifting, success oriented set of audios so that they can shape your mind with great thoughts.

Listening to audiobooks 30 minutes a day can be transformational.

That will be 210 minutes per week, around 900 minutes (15 hours) in a month & 10,800 minutes (180 hours) in a year. You will be in-taking huge amount of energy through the audio.

This can be done while eating, while doing gym, traveling, or any other time that is comfortable for you. You can easily get lots of free audiobooks on YouTube.

Gym & Physical Activity

Glowing physical health is a blessing. One who is diseased only understands the golden value of health.

Health is important, Health is essential, Health is the key to growth.

Without health, life will be similar to the sky, without sun.

Health has to be earned rather than just wished.

The best & only way to keep the body healthy is to exercise the body. Moving the body, stretching the body & doing blood boosting exercises not only activates healthy cells but also opens up the inner invisible chakras.

Keep the body active, up & running. Invest at least 30 minutes a day at the gym. Do some physical activity on a daily basis like walking, running, cleaning the house, cooking food, play with children, play some sport game involving physical activity, take the steps & skip lift, water the plants, wash your vehicles with water, go to market walking, & so on.

Breathing Exercises

We cannot miss a breath or otherwise we will be no more in this physical lane. We are already breathing every moment & we are not aware of it.

Breathing happens but is it happening correctly? Breathing has different patterns.

Breathing is intaking energy within the body. Are you in-taking a perfect amount of energy or are you shallow breathing causing very less intake of energy & this becomes an invitation to diseases.

Just changing the breath pattern brings changes in almost all aspects of life.

Physical, mental, emotional state of mind is enriched & uplifted on an instant basis.

Perfect Breathing causes instant changes in personality & also mentally. Mind also becomes stronger & disciplined because we are shaping the breath with the help of breathing exercises, this also automatically shapes our behavior & inner chemistry.

Take an oath to do Breathing exercises at least 15 minutes a day.

It will be even greater if this can be prolonged so that your body gets perfect levels of oxygen just like a tree getting enough sunshine from the sun.

Anulom Vilom is one of the best breathing exercises ever to bring an alignment in breathing & this will not just align breath but also will align your complete life.


If we see our everyday thoughts, we can find that we are mostly asking for things or complaining about things because we are not able to get what we want.

But what about things that we have already received. Do we thank for already received things? How many times do we offer gratitude in a whole day?

Most people are not even aware of gratitude; they just go on asking for new things & they struggle because their state of mind is in a chaotic state. They haven’t entered the dimension of gratitude, they have no idea about the power of simple thanks.

Thanking is not just a word, it is a feeling we are offering to the universe or god & we are overwhelmed that life has given so much to us that we are so grateful & pleased.

Gratitude has to be practiced every day to bring life changing miracles in our lives. The more the vibration, the more will be the blessings.

By practicing gratitude :-

  • You will have a new vision & you will be able to see gratitude all around.
  • You will have a new mindset & this mindset will attract even more things to be grateful for.
  • You will receive many health benefits & it may happen that your disease will disappear someday without any trace.
  • You will feel happier & your aura will change.
  • You will attract more beautiful things & you will be able to manifest your desires more quickly.
  • You will feel serenity & calmness.
  • You will be able to see people around you changing their behavior towards you.
  • You will sleep well & quality of sleep will enhance.

Practice gratitude every day & create a chain of gratitude feelings so that this feeling chain can become habitual & you will feel good getting up in the morning.


If we closely see a human being & his fight for his desires then we can find out that everyone finally wants to be at peace. All the effort is for the purpose that one can finally be relaxed & he can just enjoy resting.

This is in very deeper terms because on the surface we can only see that we only want some material items. On the surface it looks different & in depth it is completely different.

On the surface is the material world & Deeper is the spiritual world. We can see everywhere rich people possessing rich material things like cars, big homes, costlier clothes, high paying salaries but are they happy? Are they at peace?

Answer is obviously No because they are swimming just on the surface. In deeper terms, they want peace which cannot be gained by material things.

Even the Great kings die empty handed, history is full of evidence.

Meditation is the way to ultimate peace & relaxation.

Meditation connects to the inner world & a new world is explored within by closing the eyes. Meditation discovers a new unseen dimension that will take you away from all the miseries of life. Meditation is the tool to erase all the illusions & discover the truth of life.

Take time to meditate daily because this is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

Meditate 30 minutes to 1 hour on a daily basis without any breaks & after some time there will be a change in your life which will amaze you.


Every successful person reads & he not just reads but he reads, reads & reads. He keeps himself busy reading, he keeps himself away from the useless things & concentrates on reading.

He accumulates large reservoirs of information, he reshapes his mind with a huge number of new ideas, and he increases his grasping powers & creates a photographic memory.

Reading is not something new, still in the electronic world when the internet has swallowed all the attention, few people tend to read knowing the importance of reading. Only these people develop a special quality within themselves that cannot be developed without reading.

You can also begin reading everyday & this will definitely awaken the hidden powers of your mind. There’s a lot of content available, it is necessary to choose a good one similar to how you choose your food. No one eats the rotten, smelly, dirty food, everyone wants a good & healthy meal. Reading is the food for mind, so make sure that it gets only good & encouraging content.

Read 30 minutes a day starting with an inspirational, motivational book. You can also read books related to your career or your hobby.

Plan your Day, Plan your Time

Our mind is a vehicle & it needs instructions to follow. Mind doesn’t have any intelligence, it is like your car that needs to be directed to move towards the destination.

If no directions are given & nothing is decided then the car will stay where it was. There will be no journey, no movement, no progress, no clarity. In fact, if no instructions are given then the mind runs randomly anywhere like a wild horse.

Planning is the instruction manual for the mind. Mind is very loyal, it simply follows when it is given clear instructions. It won’t follow, if the instructions are unclear or blurred.

Planning is the first signal for success. Every success is a result of very specific planning done by someone.

Planning will immensely increase your performance & productivity.

There will be a direction in your life. And this will erase the boredom & feeling of being stuck because you will have a vision of where you are going. You will start realizing that simply creating a plan & task list for a day increases your quantity of work as well as quality of your work.

Plan your day in advance the day before. Create a task list ready for the next day. Everything should be planned & if the plan doesn’t work then change the plan but don’t quit planning.

Planning your time is also important because we always complain of not having time for doing the things that we are passionate about.

Becoming aware of your time & observing your own activities can open your eyes. This can also lead you to stop doing unnecessary things that you are wasting your time with.

Create an excel sheet to observe where your time is going. For every hour, create a new row (like 9-10 AM, 10-11 AM, 11-12 PM) & note down what exactly you are doing in an hour.

Are you productive every hour? How many tasks are you completing every hour? Are you focused on priority tasks or are you mostly involved in low priority tasks that won’t make any progress in your life?

Learn something new every day

In this internet era, Information is freely available & accessible anytime. Information is no longer important, nor is memorizing things important because this has been taken care of by technology.

Everything is getting automated, we need not require to use our memory or remember information. Only skill that matters is the skill of learning. Machines can only automate the process but they cannot learn because they don’t have that ability to self-learn.

People with excellent learning potential top the field whereas others only work like machines. Others only follow instructions, they don’t use their own brain, and they just follow their leaders like horses. When there is no learning then there is no progress & there will be no satisfaction in life.

Learning is a skill, it can only be mastered by investing a certain amount of time every day.

What you learn is less relevant, how much you learn is more relevant. Learning will expand your mind powers & you will be feeling more refreshed because you are focusing your attention on something new.

Decide on what new you are going to learn this Month & invest a particular time in a day to practice your learning skill. This will surely increase your creative skills.


Habits mentioned in this blog have higher capabilities that can bring transformation in your life. These are not something new but the same habits used in history. These habits have already been tried & tested by a number of people in history & have found amazing results.

It is just the matter of inculcating these habits into your daily routine. And the most important point is to remain consistent with a No Giving Up mental attitude. For these, you will need to erase unwanted things that you are doing & that is not bringing any new results in your life.

To design a garden first the weeds have to be erased so that there will be room for new plants & new habits.

There’s nothing complex here, Life is simple but our mind complicates it by over analysis & over thinking.
These habits are very simple to follow, anyone can easily start practicing them right away. All that is needed is time management & discipline to remain on track.

Begin a new journey from here with a determination to reach the destination no matter what.