Develop Great Habits to Turbo-Charge your Success

Success simply means setting a goal & then reaching the goal.

The space between the goal & the achievement is filled up with habits. Mountain peak of success can only be reached by the legs of habits.

Habits are the steps taken towards the Goal. Habit is the planning to attain the goal. Habit acts as a vehicle to reach the destination of success. One who makes maximum use of this vehicle succeeds.

Without habits there is no probability of succeeding. If we look closely at the life of successful people, we can find that they have been following some habits in their daily routine. And they have been consistent for years of practice & this is how they succeeded by mastering the habits.

Successful people are no different, they have wisely used the arrow of habit to hit the bull’s eye.

There are some of the key habits that overall boost the quality of living & help immensely in attainment of goals. These habits help in making peak progress in body, mind & soul.

When the body is in perfect health, mental strength is rock solid & you are connected with the soul then life flows in a completely different dimension. A whole new world opens up when these 3 elements are working on the best levels.


  1. Meditation
  2. Physical Exercises
  3. Reading
  4. Express Gratitude
  5. Affirmations
  6. Prayer
  7. Breathing Exercises
  8. Conclusion


Meditation is a process to live in the present moment.

The need for meditation arises because of our habit of moving away from the present moment. This is a very subtle habit of the mind, it is also very much quick & unnoticeable because of its invisible nature.

Every second the thoughts are flashing in our mind at a very rapid speed & this chain of thoughts is unlimited in abundance. It is a non-stop process similar to breathing or beating of the heart that has become habitual. We cannot stop the breath but we can stop the thoughts by living in the present moment & that is called Meditation.

The inner sky of our consciousness is filled with the clouds & the sun is hidden behind the clouds. Its existence is real but the clouds have come in between to stop the light of the sun from spreading in the globe.

These clouds are the thoughts that are acting like dust in the inner eye, blocking the potential of the eye to see the divinity spread all around.

Thoughts are very magical & you never know what will be your next thought & in which direction it will take you to. Thoughts have become the master but it was only a slave like a horse. The horse has taken the dominance & it is free to run in any direction of his choice.

Meditation is a tool to get back the mastery that is our reality. We are the masters of our inner realm & not the slaves. Meditation implants a new habit of clearing the mind from thoughts & remaining aware in the present moment.

It is a journey to the state of no-thoughts from the state of full of thoughts. We have experienced the chaos of the mind & meditation is a brand new experience in the inner world of peace & calmness.

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. ~ Buddha

There have been so many battles fought in history, there were winners & there were losers. The battles didn’t stop, winning does not end the battle and there is no final end to battles. Winning & conquering others is a fight of ego.

Ego goes on expanding with the battles, it is a food for ego. Battles always result in harm to oneself & others. Battles are not just limited to the wars of the countries or physical fights.

Every individual undergoes a battle every day in his daily routine & they are mostly mental battles. Battle may be with the boss, it may be with colleagues or it may be with parents. Our lives are filled with battles & we are completely focused on them.

To bring peace in life, the focus has to be shifted & something has to be done that wasn’t done before. One hasn’t focused on conquering oneself & on the contrary one has focused on conquering others & it is completely stealing the peace of life. One should change the core desire to conquer the inner world than to conquer the outer world.

Meditation is conquering oneself & isn’t related to someone else. Others act as per their will & it is not our business to determine their behaviors. Our business should be to look within ourselves & research for our true identity & the truth of life.

Meditators remain focused on the inner mind & the whole process of meditation is to take the attention to the inner world.

Physical Exercises

Take control of your body. It is the only place you have to live.

We live in our house & we keep the house clean by removing all the dust on every day basis. We keep all the things in a properly structured manner. We take care of our house because that is the place where we have to live.

Similarly, the body is the place where the soul lives. It is our responsibility to keep the body clean & clear. It can only be done by taking control of our body. If we don’t clean the dust in our house then the dust increases & it will become difficult to live in the house.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Little steps that we take today help us move closer to the direction of our goals. The effort that is done today matters the most & it is completely in our hands to either do the effort or to procrastinate it.

Non doing will have an obvious effect of nothing. Nothing will be achieved because nothing was done. Doing consistent effort & working on your physical body everyday will design a good & perfectly shaped muscular body.

One day when the body will be in a perfect shape & health then you will thank yourself for the persistent effort that was done with determination.

Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind & mood.

Getting the body moving & doing the exercises activates all the body parts. As if the body parts were sleeping prior to exercise & suddenly moving the body awakens them & blood starts flowing freely in the entire system.

All the tensions formed in the muscles are released, all the tightness in the body parts due to worries or anger are released. This changes the entire chemistry of the body & as an effect of this mind also feels the refreshment.

When the body is happy then the mind is also happy, the mood changes & the energy levels are boosted to peak heights.


Something magical can happen when you read a good book.

A good book is like equipment similar to a dumbbell lying there. Anyone can pick it up, use it & change the entire shape of the muscles. Books are available to be explored, they are full of unlimited dimensions to look into.

Every reader reads the same book with a different mindset & a different perspective. A single thought from a book can generate an idea that can change everything.

Books are magical & they are open to be analyzed in a thousand different dimensions.

Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader.

Reading enhances brain development. It increases the focus & sharpness of communication. Leaders are those who have more ability to use their brains.

They can make accurate decisions, communicate fluently, solve problems, can see things differently, plan things & grasp information easily. Reading develops all these tools in a natural way. When right books are read then the thoughts in that book also become the lifestyle of the reader.

Readers become the leaders because non-readers do not make their brains to perform higher.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Reading is a mind exercise that develops the brain muscles. This is not a physical development but a mental higher state of development.

Reader flies like a bird in the sky when he is reading. It lifts his brain to another level of dimension that others cannot imagine.

Reading has the greatest potential to transform life because reading changes the mind & thoughts. When someone gets involved in a physical exercise routine he can spend an hour or couple of hours doing the exercises to train the body.

Reading can be done for many hours in a day & it is not limited as physical exercise.

Express Gratitude

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

The feelings that we choose to feel in our hearts are attracting the life situations. They are making us vibrate on a certain frequency & that frequency attracts similar kinds of frequencies.

When gratefulness is nurtured & when the heart becomes the home of thankful feelings then miracles start to appear in life like twinkling stars at night.

Simple act of gratitude changes the complete story & a new story begins, people are seen transformed & healed from incurable diseases with the power of gratitude.

Struggle ends when gratitude begins.

All the struggles & troubles in life are the result of the lack of gratitude. They are the warning signals to change the direction to the route of gratitude. Their existence is proof that thankfulness is missing & a person has chosen to embrace the negative elements of life.

When a person begins the process of gratitude the struggles diminish slowly & steadily. With patience & persistence if a person continues the practice of gratitude then the struggles & frustrations of the mind will dissolve because fire cannot stand in front of water.

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.

We can continue with our long religious processes but a simple thank you is enough to melt the hearts. Giving thanks to everything & everyone is a prayer in itself.

Good feelings, good wishes & good intentions are the only things that the universe wants from us. One person can be religious but if he doesn’t have a grateful heart & on the contrary if he has a heart full of hatred then what good will it do to anyone?

Life is simple, we make it complex with our self-created perceptions. A simple thank you with real emotion is enough to create a heavenly moment in this present moment.


Human mind works similar to the Computers. Computer is full of commands & based on the commands given to it, it works. It will not work outside the commands given to it. It is limited & restricted to the program written within it.

In layman terms, Computer is given instructions in a language & it follows the instructions as it is.

From the day we were born, we received instructions from the outside world. We were not aware at that time but the instructions given by parents, teachers, friends & by society surrounding us are stored within the inner computer of mind. And based on these instructions, we do certain things. These instructions are nothing but affirmations.

For instance, parents always repeat certain statements a thousand times like You are no good, You are a bad child, You are foolish, You are going to fail, You are weak, etc.

There are so many negative statements that are being repeated more than enough times & they have become our reality unknowingly.

We are no longer children, we can begin a new set of instructions to our inner computer & this has to be done for a prolonged period.

Repeating Affirmations is a great habit & every champion uses it to boost his performance to optimum levels. Affirmations should be done as much as possible. They are the game changers, they have the potential for awakening great powers hidden within the mind.


Prayer is the final door that one knocks, when everything fails. Everything possible was done but the results were rejecting to show up. Things were not working out, failure after failure, trying new things but same old results. In such a case, a person starts praying because he cannot do anything further.

Prayer means asking the higher power to help & guide us to make things happen. Prayer means that our conscious brain is failing & we are asking the higher intelligence to plan for us to bring the manifestation. Prayer is complete surrender to the universal power & it is surrendering the ego.

Prayer is a good habit to be practiced every day so that we can communicate the higher power & pass on our dreams to the invisible guides.

We ask the messengers to guide us & when one asks then help is provided.

This prayer is not a religious prayer, this is a scientific prayer. Joseph Murphy has written many books & miraculous experiences were found in people’s lives by simply praying every day.

Life changing events happen by communicating with the inner power in the form of prayer. Make it a habit to start your morning & before sleeping, a few minutes for praying to the god & being thankful.

Breathing Exercises

Our breathing undergoes various patterns based on the moods of the mind.

Breathing is different when a person is in a calm state of mind & it is different when a person is in rush or hurry.

Breathing changes as per the state of mind & opposite is also true that by changing the breathing, the state of mind also has to change.

Breathing has 3 aspects, the quantity of breath, the method of breath & the speed of the breath. All the 3 aspects determine the overall quality of life. It affects all the factors of living like health, success, performance, eating, anger, frustration & so on.

Quantity of breath is the time of breathing in & breathing out. When the quantity of breath is very less & a person is breathing very shallow then he is inviting the disease.

Not only will the health be disturb but the mindset too will be dull. Method of breath is how & where the breath is taken. Breathing can be done from the belly or it can also be from the chest. And last aspect is the speed of breath. Speed can be very fast, average or slow.

Breathing exercises develop a good & healthy pattern of breath by balancing the 3 aspects. Body gets a good quantity of oxygen that further boosts everything related to mind & body.

Breathing exercises are a must because in our routine life we tend to breathe very shallowly that results in very less oxygen supply to the parts of the body. Breathing exercises will charge up all the parts of the body & keep them healthy & in good condition.


The only thing that can create Habits is the repetition & daily time slot for practicing the habits. There are no shortcuts to develop habits.

The work has to be done consistently & with discipline. Once you start investing in yourself by taking out time every day & practicing the Habits mentioned in this blog, you are on your way towards a bright future.

Successful people are successful because they have worked consistently every day & have mastered the habits. Success isn’t a one day activity, it is a certain set of activities done for prolonged periods called habits.

Begin your success journey by inculcating the habits in your day routine.

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